@skopemag news – friday – august 13, 2021 @ 8 am est

@skopemag news – friday – august 13, 2021 @ 8 am est

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B Leafs, Skyzoo, Jay Royale – Do Believe [Audio]

Boston producer and engineer B Leafs is currently in preparation to release his next all-star second album [TBD]. “Do Believe” is the first song, and Brooklynite Skyzoo is spilling all the brilliant bars, and Baltimore emcee Jay Royale follows up with something introspective. 2 verses, no hooks…

Together Pangea Takes On The Claustrophobia Of The Past Year With New Song “Nervous” From ‘DYE,’ Out Oct 22      

Together Pangea shares another new track from their upcoming album DYE (October 22nd), an upbeat, undeniable collection of hooks, anthems, and power-pop garage-rock catchiness. “Nervous” is no exception, as the band flies on all cylinders taking on the claustrophobia of the past year, and how that takes a toll on the future, both literally and figuratively. “Nervous” is available across digital retailers tomorrow, Aug 13th.

Austin, TX trio Culture Wars share debut EP ‘teche’; features new single “Lose Money”

Austin, TX trio Culture Wars share the release of their debut EP, teche, along with their latest single “Lose Money” from the EP. The band, Alex Dugan, David Grayson, and Dillion Randolph have amassed over 7 million streams independently, inciting a flurry of activity on TikTok charting a top 30 on Alternative radio.

Track/Video Out Today from CS Hellmann

“The lyrics to ‘Countryside’ were inspired by a former girlfriend of mine that moved away from Nashville back home to the low country in South Carolina,” Hellmann says. “It is a glimpse into her world and what ultimately led her to leaving me and Nashville.”

Impossibly Idyllic Indie // New Single

Nightshifts is the recording project of Toronto based songwriter Andrew Oliver. He works his magic across vintage synths, groovy guitars and drum machines during late-night recording sessions to create soulful and cosmic pop tunes. Nightshifts delivers slow-building progressions of phased synthesizers and delay-coated guitars to create powerful atmospheres that feel close-at-home. The project is both exciting and complex with a fast-growing reputation for kaleidoscopic production and soulful songwriting.


OMINOUS CONCLUSIONS, the Lovecraft-inspired instrumental project of French guitarist and composer Louis Nas, will release the new EP The Outsider on August 20th 2021.

The Outsider is a three-part instrumental piece built around H.P. Loevcraft’s tale and fully immerses the listener in the story, with only the notes to guide them. Nas comments: “I use instrumental music mainly because I’m not a singer, but also because I find the use of words too restrictive. I think that with just music you can really go into incredible nuances and details, and make the listener live the story you tell. Also, what’s great about not using words, is that every listener will picture something different in his mind while listening to the music, and thus connect deeper with it.”

It’s progressive metal, but so much more. Packed with technical proficiency and profound storytelling, in one word OMINOUS CONCLUSIONS is… OMINOUS.

AltCtrlToob Video Premiere: “Part I: Alone” by OMINOUS CONCLUSIONS

VISERION stream Natural Selection in full

Black metal band VISERION are streaming the entirety of their new album Natural Selection via Metal Underground. The album is set to be released tomorrow and features a guest appearance from Trevor Strnad of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

The band commented “We are very excited to share our debut full length album with you. We worked tirelessly in an unconventional environment creating this album and are glad to finally release it. “Natural Selection” delves into the darkness, despair and brutality of life both musically and lyrically. Heavily inspired by the black metal of the mid-90s, but with our unique touch to it, we created something we feel truly expresses ourselves as individuals and musicians.”

Asha Elia – All In

All In’ is a Pop R&B vibe that expresses Asha’s decision to follow God in all areas of her life. The sonics resemble Jhene Aiko meets Ariana Grande, balancing mellow melodies with refreshing energy.

Chase Atlantic + “OHMAMI” Tarantino-inspired music video

Taking viewers through a Tarantino-inspired story reminiscent of movies like Blow and Wolf of Wall Street and everyone’s favorite video game GTA Vice City, the music video showcases Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and Christian Anthony in their most creative roles to date. Inspired by the ‘fast life’ aesthetic of events which took place between the early eighties to late nineties, “OHMAMI” was directed and edited by Chase Atlantic themselves, further cementing their dedication and desire to be involved in every step of the creative process.

Debbies confess their feelings on new single ‘Sinner’

Jervis Bay duo Debbies unveil their new single ‘Sinner’ today. The new track illustrates why this young Aussie surf punk band have in 2 short years already achieved so much – winning the Yours and Owls Festival (2019), Triple j Unearthed High Finalists (2019) as well as performing at Falls Festival and Bigsound.

LISTEN: Icarus Return to RÜFÜS DU SOL’S Rose Avenue with Fast-Paced Take on Paraleven’s ‘Lucid’

Paraleven made his grand debut on Rose Avenue in April with “Lucid”—which has since been revealed as a part of his upcoming album, ‘Apollo’. UK duo Icarus now take up the torch in the path to ‘Apollo,’ twisting the YouTube Music-charting single into a high octane composition fit for peak time on the dancefloor. From the ground up, the mellow original version is reconstructed. Its subtle harmonic progressions are placed center stage atop fervent kicks and a resonant bassline, making for a piece that stands completely on its own.

Baroque Pop // New Visuals

In October 2021, Gal will be releasing her debut album, Backwards Lullaby, featuring a vocal duet with one of her biggest musical inspirations, Rufus Wainwright. The upcoming album explores the pangs of hopeless romances and unrequited love, what it’s like to move beyond idealized love into the acceptance of what is real and constant, as well as the cyclical nature of life and love in relationships.

BALU BRIGADA share melodic new single ‘Favourite Clothes’

Staying true their breezy, alternative pop brand, brother duo Balu Brigada, share their follow up single, ‘Favourite Clothes’, a tune inspired by post-breakup rumination.

Questioning the emotional turmoil that comes with ending a relationship, “‘Favourite Clothes’ is about a sweater that seemed to evaporate around about the time that a relationship ended. It asks the question, “yes, but who/what are you REALLY missing?”,explains Henry Beasley.


Recently, John and TJ announced plans for their headlining WE’RE NOT FOR EVERYONE TOUR launching this summer. The GRAMMY-nominated duo will hit almost 50 markets including New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and more. Tickets are on sale now here brothersosborne.com.