Fluid Presents New Single / Video ‘Right There’

Fluid lays down incredible grooves on the raw G-funk of “Right There”. Doing the west coast rap with ease, there is a playfulness and swagger to the whole of the track. Bass here stuns for the deep-set roll of the rhythm further adds to the atmosphere. Best of all though is his delivery. Unhurried and with a patient demeanor, he grants these words a great deal of power to them. Verse after verse emerges further adding to the storytelling power of the piece. The stately quality of the work makes sure that the piece has a force of nature quality allowing it to simply touch the heart.

In the beginning of the song the piece has a tremendous aura about it. The buildup of the sound adds to its colossal take. He draws the listener into his own unique universe. Going real hard with the detail and the careful word choice, he brings it all home in a way that features his careful cadence. So many references abound throughout the whole of the piece, lending it a highly personal vision about it one that feels majestic. Volume is not even a must it is a given for this is a sound designed to be played as loudly as it humanly possible. Even the production, polished to perfection, further adds to the track’s allure.

“Right There” revels in Fluid’s uncanny fiery presence, for the arrangement seems to further highlight his message, one that unfurls in a graceful manner.