What is a Vector Tactical Mobile System?

Today’s article will be discussing the Vector tactical mobile system. The Vector is a new-age workout technology that uses elastic resistance instead of traditional weight methods. This next-generation resistance tube system was built by a worldwide team of leading industry pioneers.

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Benefits Of Elastic Resistance

Beginners, experienced lifters, and people recovering from injuries should all be taking advantage of the benefits of working out with elastic resistance.

Training with elastic bands provides better muscle activity like weight training but involves less stress on the joints. Having less stress on the joints lowers the chance of injury.

Using elastic resistance provides variable resistance throughout your entire range of motion. When you use free weights, there are points where your muscles are not active at all. The top of a bicep curl is a good example. This means ten reps with a resistance band provide more muscle stimulation than ten reps with free weights.

This continuously applied tension means you must use your core to stabilize. The bands’ resistance means you need to stop them from snapping back, which leads to stimulation in your full range of motion. Activating your core throughout your workout leads to a complete experience.

Using resistance bands gives you more freedom to customize your workout. With traditional weights, you are limited to certain vertical motions. Bands give you the ability to use vertical and horizontal movements. The ability to perform sideways movements is a benefit that should not be overlooked.

What Makes Vector Special

The Vector is unique in a variety of ways. The most impressive thing about the Vector is its dial-in resistance cable system. This system gives you the ability to work out with various weights without having to buy a wide variety of different items.

You can change the amount of resistance by merely selecting the resistance level on the dial. You can choose anywhere from 10 lb up to 100 lb of resistance, depending on your needs.

Vector and its accessories give you hundreds of workout options in one single package. It was previously impossible to have so many different exercises with elastic bands. With so many possibilities, it is hard to find a reason not to buy Vector.

One of the other main benefits of the Vector is its portability. Keeping in shape can be difficult in today’s world. Some people’s way of life makes it almost impossible to make it to the gym. If you travel for a living, it can get very frustrating to find a stable and reliable way to work out. The Vector is like a cable rack and pulley system in a bag.

Having a workout system that you can store in a bag gives you the ability to workout anywhere. All you need is somewhere to hook the Vector. Any stable object will do. You can even use doors!


The creator of Vector believes that training to meet new challenges positively impacts your physical and mental resilience. The Vector systems give you new options to challenge your mind and body to keep them at the top of their game.

This fantastic product was created after he experienced the benefits of elastic motion in physical therapy. After using elastic bands for a time, he began to see how they could be improved to make them more user-friendly. Mainly the time it took to set up exercises and change resistance levels.

The leading minds have tested vector systems in sports. Physical therapists and personal trainers love the Vector systems because of their versatility and ease of use. The problem with standard resistance bands is how time-consuming and complex that some exercises could become.

In conclusion, anyone who works out can benefit from the Vector system. It gives you the ability to work out whenever wherever you have the inclination to work out.