Last Minute Revision Tips for CBSE class 12 Chemistry

Chemistry is an important branch of science. It studies the composition, structures, and properties of compounds and elements and how they change. Chemistry is helpful to solve many problems like managing the environment, producing food, providing safe water for drinking, and improving environmental and human health. CBSE class 12 chemistry consists of many chapters. The syllabus of class 12 Chemistry is as follows:

  • Chapter 1- The Solid State
  • Chapter 2- Solutions
  • Chapter 3- Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 4- Chemical Kinetics
  • Chapter 5- Surface Chemistry
  • Chapter 6- General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  • Chapter 7- The p-Block Elements
  • Chapter 8- The d and f Block Elements
  • Chapter 9- Coordination Compounds
  • Chapter 10-Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  • Chapter 11- Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
  • Chapter 12- Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids
  • Chapter 13- Amines
  • Chapter 14- Biomolecules
  • Chapter 15- Polymers
  • Chapter 16- Chemistry in Everyday Life

You have to follow a proper study schedule to complete the syllabus on time. You should understand the syllabus and then, plan your strategy.

Here are some last-minute revision tips for the class 12 Chemistry exam.

Revision: Revision is an integral part of exam preparation. You should revise the chapters thoroughly before the exam. Do not leave any chapter, go through it at least once. If you revise the chapters properly before the exam, you will be able to write them properly in the exam. Prepare the notes beforehand, so that you can save your time. If you prepare notes on the day before the exam, it becomes useless. Revision will help you to recall the answers easily on your exam day.

Memorize the formulas: Chemistry is a subject that consists of formulas. You should memorize the formulas. It will help you to solve the problems in your exam. Write down the important formulas on your copy and revise it before your exam. You do not have to shuffle from one book to another to revise the formulas, It will save your time and energy.

See the diagrams and equations: Few chapters in chemistry may ask for diagrams. For that, practice the diagrams before your exam. You should be able to draw the diagrams properly and neatly before the exam. Try to memorize the diagram before the exam. If you do not do so, you may get confused while drawing it. Learn the different parts of the diagram and label it properly. You should learn the equations properly before the exam. Once you have learned the equations, revise them frequently.

Important questions: You should mark the important questions few days before the exam. Important questions may come in your exam again. You should keep that in mind and go through the important questions once. It will prepare you to answer difficult or tricky questions.

Sample papers: Solving and practicing sample papers will help you to build your confidence. It will test the level of your preparation. Solve the sample papers and go through them once before the exam. chemistry class 12 NCERT solutions pdf will also help you to construct your answers correctly. It is also available in pdf. You should see the important questions from the NCERT solutions before your exam. It will help you to tackle any question in the exam.

Revise all the chapters: It is important to revise all the chapters before your exam. If you leave any chapter, you may not be able to answer from that particular chapter. To be on the safe side, go through each and every chapter. This will also help you to answer questions from any chapter.

Do not leave anything to the last minute: If your exams are approaching, you should not leave anything to the last minute. You may panic if you do not complete your chapters on time. Prepare notes after completing each chapter. If your teacher has explained a chapter, you must prepare notes on your own. If you have already prepared the notes before the exam, you will not find any trouble during revision.

Do not take stress: You should not take stress before the exam. You may get confused and forget your lessons. Relax and be mentally prepared for the exam. If you panic, you may find it hard to recall.

Revise your answer sheet: After completing your answer sheet, you should revise it once. There may be any grammatical errors or silly mistakes in the paper. If you revise it, you will be able to correct the mistakes.

Go through the easy chapters first: It is important to revise the easy chapters first. If you go through the long chapters first, it may consume a lot of time, and you may not get enough time to revise the easy chapters.

Read the question paper properly: Before you start writing, go through the question paper carefully once. See the exam pattern and the type of questions asked. Do not write anything in hurry. Think and then write the answers.

Write down the important points: Before your exam, make a list of important points which may come in the exam. It will be easier for you to revise.

Do not seek help from too many resources: If you are studying from numerous sources, it may take a lot of time. Stick to the syllabus and do not study something out of the syllabus. If you study irrelevant things, it will not help you to fetch marks.

These are some last-minute preparation tips to help you score high marks in your class 12 chemistry exam. You should be confident on your exam day. If you appear in your exam with a positive attitude, you will definitely ace your chemistry exam.