Can you learn how to play an instrument on Youtube and if so where?

There is no substitute for learning a musical instrument through formal training and experience. The former gives you the technical grounding required to master the instrument, the latter the confidence to be able to perform and work with and infant of others.

But that isn’t always possible for everyone. Geography, cost, and even anxiety about playing in front of others might prohibit these options, at least for a time. There is very little that can’t be done with the help of online assistance and for those who want to take their first steps towards learning an instrument in the privacy of their own home, the internet can always be a help. 

The first thing to remember is that the only person learning to play the instrument here is you and tutorials on YouTube and the like are no substitute for the dedication which that requires. Watching a How To…video might show you how to approach the subject but it is the hours of practice that you will need to put in that makes what you learn there become second nature.

As always with the internet, the most obvious tutorials will be the easiest to find. SEO optimization, of which you can learn more here, means that the most popular YouTube videos, how-to articles, instructional websites, etc are going to be on the first page of any search results that you look for.

Everything relating to music and creativity is becoming entwined with online technologies, from recording and downloading music, to event companies such as Bizzzabo marketing networks, from streaming and watching music and even concerts are becoming wholly online affairs for some bands. So the idea of learning to play an instrument on the internet shouldn’t seem so odd in the modern age.

Even if you are looking to make a career in music, everything from DJing to classical music, from pop to hip-hop, the days are gone when you had to be a Julliard student or the product of, say, one of the best private high schools in Canada or a Parisian conservatoire.

It is best not to assume that internet tuition is all you need, mastering any instrument is a steep learning curve, but it might get you started and give you the confidence to take things further.