What are the best first date ideas when you meet on a dating app?

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and that is something worth bearing in mind when you arrange your first date. This is doubly true if you have arranged it via a dating app or internet site as this is someone who you probably have never even seen in real life and, if this doesn’t go well, will probably never see again.

It’s slightly different from arranging a date with someone who you might have already talked to at a party or who works at the other end of your building, in those cases there is probably some sort of the first impression already in place. If your only contact so far is via an app or via the internet then this is the one perfect chance to really stand out.

The first meeting should be in public and short in duration. A daytime coffee is ideal, as it not only allows you to feel at ease with the surroundings but means that if things don’t go well you only have to spend say, 30 minutes on the date rather than finding yourself having to endure an awkward two-hour meal together.

Anything that requires traveling together, such as a bus ride to the cinema or taking the Subway to a museum should be avoided at the moment. As romantic a prelude to the actual date as it might seem, with covid related risks and restrictions being what they are it is hardly the most relaxed addition to the day. For more about those risks and precautions, you can learn more at this site.

If you do arrange to pick your date up in your car, then perhaps it is a good opportunity to have a few items that start conversations, a few interesting CD’s, a book or two in the pocket of the door, a sports pennant, anything that will start a conversation. Pretty much take the idea of keeping a child occupied on a long car journey, which you can learn more about at this site, and update it for two adults.

As always with first dates, it is less about the venue and more about personality and connection. Of course, a nice lunch or a walk in the park are all nice settings but the art is to make your date interested in you, leave an impression and make them want to come back for more.

It is worrying just how much the art of conversation has died but asking about favorite films or books, dream holiday destinations and goals in life will get you much further than a deep discussion about politics, the works of Nietzsche, or the new Johnson Scale Universal torque testing kit that your workplace has just installed.

The art, as always is just yourself, after all, as a wise man once said, everyone else is already taken!