What new jobs have emerged during and post – Covid – 19?

The world that we emerge into when the Covid-19 pandemic is finally under control is going to be a very different one from the one that we left 18 months ago. The “New Normal” could very well be anything but. However, not everything is going to be changed for the worst and many opportunities and silver-linings will present themselves all the time.

The isolations that we have endured and adapted to have proved that working from home is going to be a scenario that even the biggest companies will use to their advantage. Large office spaces will no longer be necessary and zoom calls and other connective technologies will mean that certain positions and job roles may never have to return to the traditional office environment.

Such homeworking options have also seen existing customer-facing businesses adapt to the online world and those displaced from jobs due to the economic downturns are creating their own online businesses and becoming their own bosses. New skills have to be mastered to do so, such as knowledge of SEO and website creation and management but there is plenty of advice to be had from those already operating in those worlds and there is no shortage of websites to go to where you can learn more about the new skills that you will have to acquire.

But it isn’t just offices that are changing, other sectors, particularly health and research, are also an evolving world. In the face of Covid-19, governments and academic organizations are investing heavily in medical research, from virology and disease control to convalescence and specialist equipment such as ventilators. This necessary boom in the sector has enabled companies from associated fields to either expand the scope of their existing operations or act as supporting platforms for those operating at the sharp end. Everything from the supplying or additional training of staff, and the development and distribution of equipment, from providing ventilators and personal protective equipment down to the more mundane necessities such as pipette calibration and cleaning products has become a necessary boom industry.

So whether you work in IT and are looking for the best SEO company Toronto to support your new business venture or are a massive health organization in Sydney needing additional staff to man the front lines, you are part of the global economic fightback. This might not be the way you envisaged your business growing but adapting to an ever-changing world is the skill that sets a successful business apart from many of those that fail.