How do you know when your band should consider a social media manager?

For most bands, even those who end up becoming famous, the evolution from local darlings of the grassroots scene to globe-trotting stadium fillers is a slow one. It is a ladder that you will climb in increments, often at a frustrating pace but the advantage of this more considered pace is that you will have plenty of time to adapt and plan as you go.

For band sin the modern world there is a lot to consider. The days of just playing shows until a record company picks you up is something consigned to the past and bands should consider themselves just like any other small business and approach the behind the scenes process in the same methodical manner. Of course, for that hour on stage you can be rock gods, indie sensations, folk superstars, that is the bit that people are paying for, that is your image, your unique selling point. As for the resthave a plan.

In the early days, musicians usually get a kick out of doing their own promotion, after all who doesnt like talking about their own band? But as the bands profile increases you will need to get in specialists to help. In the same way that a good PR company can open doors and get reviews and airplay that the band themselves couldnt, a social media manager can also raise the profile of the band in similar ways.

And perhaps take a leaf out of similar small operations which have grown out of a passion for the product into a successful business and use those same inspirations and attitudes as your own model. Business such as Anthonys Espresso who have grown from a small family affair and taken their love of coffee into a whole bigger league with their spiciest equipment. The product might seem totally different but how you make that leap is worth understanding.

Once a band gets to a level where it has a constant flow of gigs to advertise, once they have merchandise available, either digital downloads or physical items, once your income becomes firmly related to your public profile, then it is time to call in a social media specialist. Even if the cost of hiring them seems to wipe out your earnings temporarily, this is the person who can put you in front of so many people and get your name busing on so many platforms that your income will return quickly and greatly increased.

The advantage of social media specialist is that they keep your day clear to worry about your craft, not whether enough people have seen your latest gig announcement or post about the forthcoming album. And, of course, social media is everywhere, so even if you relocated to somewhere like LA to be nearer your audience (and if you do make sure you use a specialist los angeles movers company) your social media guru can still be working out of their back bedroom office in New York, or Paris or Tokyo.)

And of course when it comes to doing the same for the rest of your growing musical business, the same approach should be taken. If you are tired of your website being a backwater also-ran that no-one seems to be able to find then hire in an expert website and SEO company such as Ignite Digital to show you how to up your game.