Anime: Five Things You’ll Love About It

In two words, many anime lovers can sum this up: “It’s unique.” Anime is as distinct mostly from American animations as “Superman” and “Batman” are from everyday newspaper comics. Such variations can be seen in a variety of ways, such as the design, story, and also the different cultures displayed by the heroes. Because of the vast number of anime series available, fans of almost any other type of television or film can find an anime series that matches their tastes. Audiences of hard science fiction should watch “Planetes,” whereas comedy film fans should watch “Fruits Basket,” and fighting crime fans should watch “Ghost in the Shell.” Sites like make you able to watch these series and many more like that. Below are five things that you’ll love about anime.

Culture of anime conventions

Eventually, we must not overlook the culture of anime conventions. With large conventions it is taking place across the United States, it’s obvious that anime is now a cultural icon that American audiences enjoy. There are also several conventions held around the globe in Germany, America, and, of course, China. Numerous new interests, employment opportunities, and groups are popping up as a result of convention society. There is something for all of us during anime conventions, whether it’s spent many hours making a dress for your beloved character, establishing a pop-up store to offer fan items, or selling unique miniatures and antiques.

Accessibility in the modern world

On the American side of the industry, there’s been a rush of streaming sites like and companies to battle piracy and provide fans a genuine means to enjoy dubbed and translated anime. There are a plethora of animation streaming services that require a nominal monthly fee, and some of such websites also provide synchronized watching, allowing fans to see the most recent episodes completely translated as they are released in Japan.


It was very tough to access anime at an early age. Many Japanese series was subtitled or even translated gradually, and only the most successful series, like Dragon ball z and Sailor Moon, were released in the United States. That shifted with the introduction of the internet and the creation of fansub groups that recorded, translated, and shared anime. This was technically piracy, but it’s also the only method to view anime without having to import material that international fans couldn’t appreciate. This ensured that you didn’t have to spend anything to watch anime, therefore providing it as a “free” form of enjoyment for westerners.

Japanese culture

Whenever it is about learning about other cultures, anime is a great method to get a glimpse into the very diverse lifestyles of Japanese people. Although anime may not always be the most accurate portrayal of Japanese culture and customs, it does make frequent connections to it. Anime has discovered a method to render Japanese cultural traditions acceptable to international audiences.

Best storyline

Anime has the best storyline, which is another thing you’ll love about anime. If you like watching various interesting stories, you should try anime.