@skopemag Q&A Featuring Lifer and ‘Hate Me Love Me’ Video

With “Hate Me Love Me,” Lifer has released a single and produced a video for it that gets straight to the point. Guitarist Aaron Fink took a few minutes to tells us more about this hard rock band’s latest sounds and visual.

Skope: The beginning of the video for “Hate Me Love Me” is black and white. Why did you choose to film it without color? Was it, perhaps, influenced by Wizard of Oz? Then it goes back and forth between black and white and color. What was the thinking behind these cinematic choices?

Aaron Fink: I think the idea there was to visually separate the “FB live” scenario and the behind-the-scenes stuff.

Skope: The band is playing in an empty theater. Was it tough not to have an audience? Which theater is it?

Fink: Nah, when making a video you never really have an audience, minus the crew. An old rundown, dilapidated Irem Temple in Pennsylvania.

Skope: Is the song based on a true story? If so, was this a romantic relationship?

Fink: Nick (Coyle), our singer, wrote the lyrics, but if I had to guess it’s more ambiguous than just a relationship kinda thing. More a take on the “walk on eggshells” nature of social media and cancel culture. Although, in general, we like our songs to remain vague and for the listener to make up their own meaning.

Skope: The video includes behind the scenes footage of filming the actual video. What purpose does this location serve?

Fink: We thought the building looked really cool visually and had tons of character.

Skope: Where were the scenes shot with the piano, which looks like an abandoned theater?

Fink: Cool piano, huh? Same place.

Skope: Are there any artists that inspired the sound of this single?

Fink: We have been around since 1999, so we have cultivated our own unique sound over the years. We don’t try to emulate anyone, a more combined experience and tastes kinda thing.

Skope: Does your singer write all the words and music? There’s a scene that appears to show him writing alone at a piano.

Fink: Nick writes the lyrics, yes.

Skope: What caused you to choose this particular song to be a single?

Fink: Sounds like a single to me. Good combo of riffage and melody.