Sanctum of Domination Overview

At last, patch 9.1 brought us the various in-game content for World of Warcraft Shadowlands we have been waiting for. This addon surprised us with a raid full of plot twists, various cool mounts (new motivation for AOTC and Cutting Edge achievements). No surprise that Sanctum of Domination boost is probably the most desirable option on the trusted carry services like Leprestore. According to the official World of Warcraft website, on July 6th the Azeroth adventurers started conquering the depth of the Sanctum. The Jailer’s allies, headed by Sylvanas Windrunner, are waiting for the players in the Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties (get ready to gather 20 people in your guild). SOD is going to be the most challenging activity, so many players need boosters to help them with this raid. Let’s dive into our short guide to the Sanctum of Domination, so when you decide to buy SoD raid run, you will be ready for everything!

You can defeat the Tarragrue in the new raid. Do you hate this guy as much as we do?

What is this raid about?

Apart from the powerful gear and other rewards that may please you as a PvE content conqueror? Well, the first thing to mention is its plot. WoW Sanctum of Domination carry is worth ordering to know the peculiar aspects of the crucial events that drive the 9.1 update. Sylvanas Windrunner, the servant of the mysterious Jailer that tries to leave the Maw, is willing to defend her master while he is implementing his terrific plan. As the heroes of our Covenants, we should enter Torghast and deal with various guardians of the Jailer.

The location of a new raid is Desmotaeron, the new zone in the Maw.

Yes, you can pass through the plot using LFR mode, but the coherent storytelling (and various cool things like mounts, achievements, high ilvl loot) will probably be lost. The most difficult (and entertaining) encounter is the battle with Sylvanas, which finishes the story arc of 9.1 patch. If you’re interested only in knowing what will happen with the banshee queen, the Sylvanas Kill service for the cheapest price can be useful in your journeys. Other notable bosses you will meet include Kel’Thuzad and Ner’Zhul (well, his Remnants), and you can even greet our old friend Garrosh Hellscream. However, you will not fight him.

Our old friend Kel’Thuzad is back. You should finally make him rest in peace.

But let’s return to the progression elements of this raid. Many people search for the Sanctum of Domination raid carry possibility as they are interested either in the fascinating mount or in the special gear taken from Sylvanas. This loot is precious these days (especially if you have ordered Mythic Run from reliable boosting services like Leprestore).

How does the gear from this raid work?

One of the main reasons to buy Sanctum of Domination run is to obtain the so-called Shards of Domination and collect the Rune Words. These mechanics are connected to the gear pieces which drop from the raid bosses. It works the following way. Shards are the gems that can be inserted into the Domination Socket. However, you should first obtain the sockets from the raid bosses and attach them to the gear. Both shards and sockets are the items that you should farm in the raid, and it might be a challenge on the greater difficulties.

You can find the Shards of three types, Unholy, Frost, and Blood. There are 9 Shards overall because each type has role-dependent variants (like Healing Blood Shard, Defensive Blood Shard, etc.). You can upgrade these Shards as each of them has 5 Ranks. The new currency for such an upgrade is possible to farm from bosses (a good reason to buy Sanctum of Domination carry service for the reasonable price), and it is called Stygian Ember. Visit Bonesmith Heirmir in Korthia to increase the rank of your Shards!

Sanctum of Domination is full of excellent rewards for those who can defeat the Jailer’s minions.

If you have socketed three Shards of one type (for example, three Blood Shards), you will obtain special Rune Words. This set bonus enhances your gear gathered in SoD so that it will be significantly more powerful in the zones related to the Maw (the location itself, Sanctum of Domination raid, Torghast tower). While Rune Words are effective in this endgame content, Shards effects work in each location in WoW.

The loot can be received both from the bosses and from the Great Vault. Shards, Sockets, Stygian Embers are dropping from bosses. It seems that there are many reasons to farm the 9.1 raid, so it is not a surprise Sanctum of Domination boosting became this popular. Full gear farm SoD raid boosts may seriously help you with the raid progression, but there are also few things about SoD we have not mentioned yet.

Achievements, mounts, and legendary weapon

A nice addition to the well-conducted SoD carry is the various raid achievements and mounts you can get. In the case of Sanctum, there are three different mounts you can get, and one of them is the reward for the Glory of the Dominant Raider meta-achievement. By the way, Leprestore offers a great SoD boost for those who are eager to get such a trophy.

Vengeance’s Reins is the reward for being the most talented raider in 9,1. Or kinda like it.

The mount called Vengeance’s Reins will be the lucky prize of those who defeat Sylvanas Windrunner on the Mythic difficulty. Many players desire this mount since it depicts the fascinating and terrific life story of our beloved Elven Undead hero. Today, Boosters propose you have this furious creature in your stables with reliable options like Vengeance Reins Mythic Mount boost.

The boss called The Nine will grant you the Charger mount, while for the mentioned Glory achievement, your reward is the Hand of Hrestimorak, which will please you with the possibility to play Rock, Paper, Scissors game with the other players! You should explore this raid if you are fond of having the most exotic mounts.

Finally, Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper, the new legendary bow for Hunters that Sylvanas drops, will significantly affect your playstyle for this class. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a new exhibit for your collection of legendaries!

Ready to take the legendary bow from Sylvanas? She won’t give it without a fight!


Sanctum of Domination is a difficult challenge for any player. No matter how good you are prepared, whether you have the suitable consumables, conduits, enchants, or BiS. Turning to paid boosting services may be a good starting point for conquering this endgame content, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. After all, it is impossible to beat the Jailer being alone, right?