Rising Star Aziya Releases Debut EP ‘We Speak of Tides’ And Releases New Single “Marathon”

British musician Aziya is just 21 years old, but her talent and wisdom are far beyond her years. Today, she’s released her eagerly anticipated debut EP, We Speak of Tides, via Platoon. Co-written and co-produced by Aziya herself, the EP is an exploration of human connection. Foreshadowed by the release of her acclaimed singles, “Blood,” “Heaven For Me” and “Slip!” earlier this spring, We Speak of Tides is a raw an unabashedly ferocious five-track project that marks her arrival as a riveting new voice in alternative music.


“‘We Speak of Tides’ is my journey of trying to understand human interaction,” Aziya said. “Every track on the EP, in its own way, explores the intricacies, and often frustrations, of trying to get my head around relationships – how we can go from drawing in those we care for one minute to pushing them away the next.

I’ve always been obsessed with how this human connection is so similar to the motion of tides. Just like relationships, tides can be calm one minute but explode into chaos the next. They’re unpredictable but always rooted in a familiar cycle that will always rise and fall.”