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Rarin Releases “Big Spendin'” Music Video


Today, LMB DG shared the official video for his breakthrough hit “Pull Up.” Charged with a raw, ominous energy, the clip captures the sense of foreboding that hangs over those who ride the streets of Los Angele at night and offers up an unexpected plea for grace. View the video, which was directed by Picture Perfect (A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, French Montana, Cardi B), HERE.

Grabbitz Shares “Pigs In The Sky (1993 Version)”

“Sometimes I get caught up in fancy production and modern sounds, and run the risk of losing the underlying song,” shares Grabbitz. “The best way for me to shed that notion is to peel it back, and in this case, make a version that sounds like it was recorded in ’93, potentially one of my favorite eras of rock.”


Over the past few years, New York artist Caspr (formerly known as PPG Casper) has been building a cult-like fanbase via Soundcloud drops, music videos and underground shows. It was only a matter of time before Travis Barker and Andrew Watt caught wind and helped shape Caspr’s vision and sound to what you hear now. A unique songwriter, artist and vocalist, Caspr draws inspiration from his experiences and environment which he formulates into intricate stories of heartache, love, loss, late nights, long days and the struggles of everyday life.

L’FREAQ shreds her puppet strings and guitar on new video for “Gimmick” out now via Position Music

Describing the video, L’FREAQ says, “While the song is about my experience on a singing show and the judge who made me doubt myself, I wanted the video to have a bit of a darker message. My director and I, Shepherd Flashman Lowrey, came up with the idea to have a little girl watching me on a growing TV screen, a symbol for how the media consumes and controls us. I came up with the puppet master idea to go along with it, showing that what we see on our screens is not always what is happening in reality.”

Cico P Shares “Prophecy” w/ Spinabenz, Prepares for 7/14 Nawfjaxx Project

East Texas rapper Cico P is a student of the Southern rap tradition, wielding his low-key and deeply rhythmic flow atop instrumentals of all kinds. Sharing his latest anthem with help from another viral star, the rapper behind the Hot 100 hit “Tampa” shares “Prophecy,” his new music video. The song finds Cico connecting with Spinabenz, a Florida rapper who trended earlier this year for his Vanessa Carlton-sampling “Who I Smoke,” both rappers nimbly navigate gentle piano arpeggios, Cico firmly in the pocket with his head-nodding deadpan and Spinabenz wilding out with aggression. In the video, the two rappers have a blast, as they do their dance in the trap and eat at a local restaurant.

Ronnie Watts’ self-directed “car ride home” video is an intimate look of her life behind the stage – Out Now

The visual captures an isolated Ronnie Watts in her bedroom lamenting over a burgeoning yet distant relationship. She clings to her phone waiting for a text back while purple hues fill up the intimate living space. Throughout the visual, there are poppy animations that empower her introspection with an Aughts-era adolescent attitude that still remains familiar. The sincerity of this long-distance romance is undeniable as seen through Ronnie Watts energetic delivery towards the climax of the track. She jumps around her bedroom just before grabbing her keys for one more car ride.

News: Concert, event kick back hack

Concerts and music festivals were put on pause last year due to COVID, but with the vaccine being widely distributed, things are getting back to normal and music lovers are getting their fix this summer. Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, and the Governors Ball are just a handful of the festivals that were rescheduled for the next couple of months. Instead of arriving to the event late due to traffic, trying to get ready in your car beforehand or driving sleepy afterwards attendees can use HotelsByDay to quickly locate a local hotel that has rooms available in blocks of three to 12+ hours to fit your needs instead of having to pay for the whole day. Renting a dayroom through the app gives users complete access to all the amenities that overnight guests receive such as access to the pool, gym and even the free continental breakfast and day rates are discounted from night rates by 50% or more.

A.D. 2020 Release New Single “Ricochet” + Official Lyric Video

A.D. 2020 released their new single “Ricochet” to all major platforms. “Ricochet”, written by Mark McNelley, Dan Reed and Todd Thanhauser, is the first single from the band’s forthcoming album Lockdown Diaries due out independently on August 10, 2021.


The “Batman” remix is a testament to what’s to come for Poody this summer. With co-signs from two of Hip-Hops biggest power players he’s definitely making his mark as one of the top rising artists to watch in 2021.

Allison Ponthier Releases New Single “Hell Is A Crowded Room”

“‘Hell Is A Crowded Room’ is a song about pushing through social anxiety, especially when it manifests in a really physical way,” explains Allison Ponthier, who wrote the song with Rick Nowels (Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks), who produced it along with Dean Reid and Brandon Shoop. “I always wondered why a shy person like me would choose to be an artist when it’s constantly putting yourself in front of people, and I think HIACR is a response to that. It took on a much more intense meaning post-pandemic, but I also think that it’s an applicable song for anyone that gets nervous in groups and is doing their best to be brave enough to get through it.”


Charles Richburg is the vocalist and lyricist of his goth band, Let There Be Darkness. An African American, he has been in the goth and industrial scene for the past twenty years. As a niche musician, darkness is a common theme in all his music, where darkness becomes a symbol of negativity and despair. One will also notice a great deal of religious symbolism in the artist’s work. For example, the concept of hell and eternal suffering permeates his music, giving the listener a stimulus to explore and question conventional ideas.

YSB Tril Shines As Ultimate ‘HOTSHOT’ With New Video

Following the release of his debut mixtape last week, rising rookie YSB Tril (LISTEN TO THE KIDS/Interscope Records) dashes back with his latest visual, “HOTSHOT.” Directed by Nicholas Jandora, Tril’s humor is on full display. Under Jandora’s direction, Tril not only takes a drive with an elderly lady, but he also squeezes time to dunk on a kid and sits in on a therapy session. His penchant for thrill and theatrics continues when he gives his therapist some plastic surgery.

Saiyon dishes up fierce future-soul track ‘Kerosene’

Blending electronic production with alternative R&B instrumentation, Melbourne’s SAIYON unveils her new single and video ‘Kerosene’. It’s a silky blend of R&B with synth beats and is written from the perspective of a confident young woman feeling empowered about expressing her feelings.

Viserion release “The Wraith” lyric video featuring Trevor Strnad

Viserion have teamed up with Ghost Cult Magazine to release a video for “The Wraith” featuring Trevor Strnad of the Black Dahlia Murder.The song is taken from their upcoming album Natural Selection, which will be released on August 13.


Garden Song has such a precious feel to it – and the story behind it is moving and sacred, as Tay explains, “Garden Song is about the night my grandfather died. I’m not a particularly spiritual person, but we were very close. At 11pm that night I had a dream about somebody stomping on piano keys which woke me up. In the morning I called my grandmother and she told me that he had passed away at 11pm that night. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. However, after his funeral we were all having a chat about the night he died. Both my uncle and grandmother told us that they were also woken up at 11pm. So the song is about how jarring losing the connection of a loved one can be.”

Archangel A.D. release “Beacons”

Texas thrashers Archangel A.D. have released their song “Beacons” via Moshpit Nation.The song is from their upcoming album Casus Belli which will be released on July 23rd.

The band commented “”Beacons is a love letter to Tolkien. I (Justin) finally read the Lord of the Rings trilogy this year and felt inspired to write a beefy song to commemorate my love for the series. Beacons is a THICK song that is sure to make you headbang. Please enjoy, ‘BEACONS’!”

EXCLUSIVE TRACK STREAM: Archangel A.D. – Beacons

Indie-psych duo Hi Frisco return with glittering new single ‘Uno Mas’ out today

Following the release of their highly-praised debut album ‘Goodbye, Blue Monday’ last year, with the singles going on to receive airplay on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio London, named as Jack Saunders’ New Wave, and receiving tastemaker support from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit, CLASH, GIGWISE, Indie Shuffle, Wonderland, Fault Magazine, The Most Radicalist, Atwood Magazine and Record of the Day, as well as re-amping the hype with their subsequent ‘Living Room Versions’ EP earlier this year, indie-psych heroes Hi Frisco are back once again with their first piece of new material of 2021, ‘Uno Mas’.

Wiz Khalifa among top 10 artists singing about narcotics & alcohol

Wiz Khalifa lands in sixth place for the most alcohol and drug references within lyrics, but which artist took the top spot?

Not all songs are about heartbreak, you know. Many-a-musician have made an ode to drinking and narcotics use. But which artist does so the most within their lyrics?

The research team from Delamere Health have revealed which top artists reference drugs and alcohol the most throughout their lyrics, with some surprising results!

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: Analysing Taboo References in Music Genres

Voodoo Bloo – NEW VIDEO ‘MMA’ – Streaming Now

Empowering Swedish Alt-Pop-Folk Anthem // New single

Linda Varg is a Swedish pop artist who brings a unique and fresh sound with her empowering and uplifting anthems. With influences ranging from pop and rock to reggae and urban, her music is sprinkled with a punky attitude and a 90’s flavored tinge. Her musical career has been a colorful one – born in a small village in Sweden with a population of only around 25 people, it’s been a wild ride to where she is now. From winning the TV show Popstars and landing multi-platinum status with the group Supernatural, to signing a major label deal with Warner Music, Varg has devoted every second of her life to music. She’s had the pleasure of performing as Annie in the musical Chicago in Copenhagen, living out her childhood dream, and was also one of the finalists of Swedish Idol in 2010. All of this eventually led to Varg deciding to take the plunge into a solo career and she has never looked back since.

Shamanic Dark Folk Duo NYTT LAND Releases New Song and Video for Haunting Experience “U-Gra”

Just recently signed with Napalm Records, Russian Nordic folk/ambient project NYTT LANDoffer a dark, otherworldly experience with their new seventh studio album, Ritual, out August 6. Today, the shamanic dark folk outfit reveals their second single and video for “U-Gra”!

Hear Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances team up on new Mexican Summer single

“Watching the Willows Burn” is the outcome of Jack Name and Aoife Nessa Frances’ first collaborative encounter, and a study in secret song and ancient ritual. Introduced by a mutual acquaintance on a hunch that an undiscovered sonic kinship might exist between the musicians, Jack and Aoife fell hard and fast for each other’s respective 2020 albums, Magic Touch (Mexican Summer) and Land of No Junction (Ba Da Bing/Basin Rock).

Elle Winter Releases New Summer Anthem “Candy”

On the inspiration behind her new single, Elle shares, “Candy is a playful, cheeky, yet empowering song about not tolerating sweet talking and game playing in any relationship. I want people to sing along, dance and have fun with this summer, soulful jam while being reminded that they deserve to be treated with respect and decency always.”