How to Make Performing Music on the Road Easier for the Whole Band

Is your band planning to go on tour? Every musician dreams of hitting the road, discovering how it feels to perform their beloved guitar solo in front of a real crowd.

In your excitement, dont forget that touring can be stressful. You might think that your band is ready for a tour, but dont let enthusiasm blind you to the details. Plenty of things can go wrong if youre careless in preparing.

Before you hit the road, make sure that youve covered these things in order to keep your band safe and happy.

A Good Vehicle

You might not be able to afford a real tour bus, but youll be taking a used car or camper. Whatever the vehicle is that youre taking, make sure its in good shape. Have a mechanic check that it can handle hours of travel. If your vehicle breaks down on the way, not only will it inconvenience the tour, it can pose danger to your band.

Pack Well

Unless youve got money saved up, you might not be able to afford good restaurants every time youre hungry. Stock up on cold water and nutritious snacks.

Dont forget your first-aid kit! Pack in a manner fitting the season. Tailor your supply so that you wont suffer heatstroke in the summer or freeze in the cold. A blanket or decent fan will make a difference.

Consider a Portable Stage

You might find yourself in a situation where you need to run your own show. Portable stages are easy to pack and come in all sizes. Maybe you want to jam on a whim, or an emergency came up at your venue. This also allows you to have more flexibility when it comes to where you are going to perform. With a portable stage, you wont be unprepared.

Know Your Itinerary

Before you leave, memorize the roads youll be taking. A glance at a map isnt good enough; familiarize yourself with the rest stops and gas stations on the way. Avoid situations in which youll be dependent on your last gallon of gas. Plan each turn youre going to make so that you dont become lost.


Your first tour will be both exciting and stressful. The band will be crammed in small spaces for several weeks, scrupulously practicing and feeling homesick. Do your part to keep them safe by taking measures to avoid these problems.