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boyband Releases “birth by sleep” Video


Skope video submission: Alph Tha Alien, “Outer Limits”. Open Mike Eagle, Sahtyre guest on “Black Tax” album

“I released this song on my album Black Tax in 2020 and the recurring theme of the album is expressing the frustrations of being a black man living in America. This song uses sci-fi pop culture as hyperbole to express the album’s theme. It’s also a double entendre; the outer limits can also mean the outskirts of a city.”


Shares MAY-A about the news which Billboard announced earlier today, “It honestly feels like a dream to be working with Atlantic Records. I am so appreciative of the team I now have over there and I’m excited to delve further into creative ventures with them in the future.”

MUSK OX: Invisible Oranges Streams Inheritance From Canadian Chamber Folk Trio

“MUSK OX’s impending Inheritance shows the band completely transformed from the metallic folkisms which defined their earlier works, now concentrating on the complexities of modern chamber music and the delicate touch of practiced classical guitar…Citing influences from a wide array of artists… MUSK OX’s many tendrils grasp onto individual elements from their influences and creates a megalith which casts a daunting shadow.” — Invisible Oranges

Mint Simon (Caveboy) + Bright Light Bright Light Join Forces In Queer Celebration “Some Of Everything”

When Mint Simon first heard the original production for the track, they knew it “instantly gave off a big stage festival vibe.” With the disco strings, simulated choirs, and captivating saxophone solo to accompany Mint Simon’s direct and powerful vocals.

“It’s such an empowering song,” says Bright Light Bright Light, “I wanted to make it feel like the first summer you come of age and realise – you know what, this is me and it’s OK to be different! The feeling of breeziness and freedom. Hopefully I’ve done the song justice, I really adore it!”


“I love music videos that have the ability to tell the story beyond the lyrics of a song,” Alec shared. “When I wrote ‘The Way You Felt,’ I found myself thinking about an ex-girlfriend, so when it came time to shoot the video, I felt inspired to go back to all of the places where our relationship unfolded. I thought it was the perfect way to process some good and bad memories, and maybe get a little closure, which I obviously needed because I’m still writing about it.”

The New Regime shares videos for “Turning A Blind Eye” and “Feel No Pain”

The New Regime, the innovative solo project of acclaimed songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame member Ilan Rubin, shares two live videos off the album HEART MIND BODY & SOUL (DELUXE EDITION) which was released this past fall by The Orchard. “Turning A Blind Eye” and “Feel No Pain,” both directed by Matt Thompson, are both available now via YouTube. More videos in this series will be made available later this year. – ​(Photo Credit – Oliver Halfin)

Vic Mensa Shares “Victory” Video

Chicago rapper, actor, and activist Vic Mensa has shared the music video to “Victory” from his latest offering the I Tape. He delivers a steady flow of hard hitting punchlines over the SG & Just Blaze-produced track, while the visual takes us on a ride with scavenger hunt winners who recovered five exclusive I Tapes hidden throughout the city of Chicago. “Victory is a return to form for me, says Mensa. “Just pure lyricism and a foolish sample beat. The video was filmed in Chicago with a fleet of sport bikes in a lamon. We spent the whole day running from police.

CAL, POST-ROCK SINGLE – The Floor comes out on 8th July 2021 via Cooking Vinyl


“CAN I BE REAL? explores themes of authenticity, honesty and freedom,” says Elliott, “all the while communicating those core themes of empowerment that I’m always seeking to write into my songs. However, this time around, it all hit closer to home during the writing process. ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ was just the tip of the iceberg. In seeking to sing about women finding the freedom to be themselves, I had to ask the question of myself: ‘Am I really being the most authentic and honest version of myself?’ That was not an easy question and it led to the completion of the EP and is now the question I ask myself everyday: Can I Be Real?”


GRAMMY® Award winning duo Twenty One Pilots have shared an official music video for their single “Saturday,” which is featured on their new album Scaled And Icy. Directed by Andrew Donoho, the “Saturday” official music video was shot over the course of a week this past May, utilizing multiple locations including a custom underwater set and an operating submarine. The video sees the band submerging for a literal underwater performance at a deep sea party before an unexpected visitor crashes the celebration.

India-Based Metal Trio MIDHAVEN Explores Concept of Time on New Album, “Of the Lotus & the Thunderbolt”

“Not clockwork time, but universal, cyclical time,” the band says. “We’ve grown up with a belief system that has repeatedly told us that things that have happened will happen yet again, and again, and again. Time is seen as a continuum, and there are more universes than just this one. These are subjects we’ve debated and discussed from time immemorial. From the ancients, right down to us, this is how time is experienced where we come from. So naturally, when we started discussing lyrical concepts, time is something that all subjects were ultimately pointing toward. We were acting from an awareness that in this grand circuit of the cosmos, the self is constantly recreated in every moment. It’s not just about time, it’s also about a very personal experience of that time, through the aeons as life itself. It ultimately boils down to how time chisels to perfection the one universal soul that finds itself echoed in every living being. For reasons not entirely known to us, it felt as though time channeled itself through us for the creation of this album. We were merely conduits in this process.”

Aurora’s “Cure for Me” Video OUT NOW

Norwegian songstress AURORA has returned with her brand new single, “Cure For Me” out now via Glassnote Records. Following its World First premiere on Apple Music 1, alongside an interview with Zane Lowe, AURORA is also featured as the global cover of New Music Daily. Written in Australia by the pop chanteuse, the song is about breaking free from shame and shutting out the doubters.

Paupière Premiere New Video for “Sade Sati” via Vents

The concept for Paupière’s Sade Sati is based on the idea of Saturn’s Return, a planetary alignment that astrologers describe as influencing a person’s life development at roughly 30 year intervals. The cosmic logic of the video focuses on three key age moments of Saturn’s Return (30, 60 and 90 years old) being the versions of Julia that we see inhabiting this strange capsule house. The video is a shapeshifting journey of time and reflection, interesting in the cyclical nature of life.

Songs For My Therapist: Introspective Indie

Exuding a captivating blend of indie folk, rock, and pop sounds, “Songs For My Therapist” features warm vocals, lyrics filled with poetic landscapes, and an artful blend of mood setting instrumentation that resonate deeply with the listener, touching their emotions. Thanks for your consideration,

16-Year-Old morgen Delivers Impressive Debut Single “Odd One Out”

In a music world consumed by quick hit viral sensations, 16-year-old morgen is an up and comer in it for the long haul. The Santa Cruz-native has a vocal maturity far beyond her years and is fated to join the ranks of artists like Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan in superstardom with the release of her impressive debut single and accompanying music video for “Odd One Out” out today on all digital streaming platforms.


The visual shows yet another side of the rising star. The cinematic clip directed by Azzie Scott threads together an unpredictable narrative, beginning with Stunna Girl and her man in a city apartment. She sings to the camera, “Come home to me, ’cause you know where you belong,” and those words soon take on a deeper meaning. It seems like her co-star may be up to no good, until a sweet surprise changes the narrative altogether. You’ve got to watch it to find out!

NEW AUDIO ALERT! Circus Of Rock “In Times Of Despair” ft. Elize Ryd

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Circus Of Rock’s debut album, “Come One, Come All” on August 6, 2021. Circus Of Rock, the new hard rock & heavy metal project masterminded by Finnish drummer Mirka Leka Rantanen, have released another single from the upcoming debut album, “Come One, Come All”. Please enjoy “In Times Of Despair” ft. Elize Ryd of Amaranthe.

Kesem stream ‘No Future’

Los Angeles-based progressive metal band Kesem stream the new single ‘No Future’ via Ghost Cult Magazine. They will released their new album ‘Post Terra’ via Sentient Records on 24th September 2021.

The band comments:

“This last year has sucked, we’ve watched people die. The economy collapse and an elected official lead an insurrection against its own people. Rather then just sit at home and do nothing we did the only thing we could… Write an album about getting the fuck outta here. Hope you enjoy”