Elley Duhé Reveals Stunning New Offering ‘TRAITOR’

Having recently returned with hotly received single Kids Of The Night, Elley Duhé keeps the heat up with the reveal of stellar new single, Traitor. An artist who has racked up 100s of millions of streams and collaborated with ZEDD on his stellar hit, Happy Now, Elley Duhé is set to stake her claim as one of 2021’s stand out dark pop artists. Speaking on the release, she states:

sometimes it feels like you’re betraying the one you love when you have to walk away from them but just remember all the reasons you’re choosing to leave


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I feel like we’re all just hanging on to the planet for dear life,” says singer-songwriter Elley Duhé as she surveys the crazy world she’s about to share new music with. “It’s just a ride. These are very strange times, but it’s always been strange.”

It’s been a profound and spiritual journey for Duhé to get here, but one that she always knew she was destined to make. Born in Alabama and raised in small towns around there and Mississippi, the young Elley’s formative years were spent surrounded by music lovers. “You’re just always being influenced if there’s always someone playing something – be it a song they wrote or just one of their favourite records. I grew up around blues, rock, alternative, classical, country, pop, hip-hop. I got a good dose of everything.”