Top 5 Music Streaming Platforms

Today, you can find user-friendly services for everything. For watching movies, you can turn on Netflix, for choosing books a Goodreads site is useful and great to place bet, especially for online roulette games. But what to choose to listen to music? These 5 platforms are the best in this case.


The concept of SoundCloud is similar to YouTube. Creators can post their music here, and all users are free to listen to it.

It has gained users through a deliberate policy of attracting talented artists. Today, SoundCloud is probably the largest and most successful independent platform for promoting young talents.

Spotify Music

Spotify is the only online service that has so far managed to compete with Google and Apple. This is due not only to the enormous music catalogue but also to the boldness with which the developers have introduced new features.

It’s where theme playlists, a music section for athletes, game soundtracks, a weekly review of hit albums, and many other innovations first appeared. This service is great to all music lovers who want to be at the forefront of progress.


In the recent past, this service was very popular with music lovers because it could track the listening history of almost any music player and make recommendations and playlists based on it.

So has accumulated a huge database of listeners’ music preferences and has learned to guess pretty accurately which track you’ll want to listen to next. So if you want good music to never run out, this is the place to go.


Pandora is a place where you can only listen to your favourite music and find new artists who deserve your attention. You start by entering the names of a few musicians whose work you like best.

The service will then start playing similar music, and you can rate the artist selection with your ratings. The service will then become more and more attuned to your tastes, and over time will be able to create the perfect playlists.


The 8tracks music collection was created by numerous users who were simply allowed to upload their favourite tracks and create playlists of them. That’s how this unique catalogue was created, with no other equivalent.

It’s easy to find the right sound for every mood and activity with its user-friendly filter system and integrated search engine. And if you like, you can download your favourite tunes, so you’ll never have to part with them again.