10 Advertising Ideas to Make Your Business Known in New York

New York City is known to be the “city that never sleeps”. With one of the highest per square mile densities in the world, New York City is one of the top places for advertisement placement in the world. Each hour, millions of people may walk by your brand advertisement.

With that being said, the pricepoint of advertisements in New York City will be at a premium. Before purchasing the ad space in New York City, take a look at your marketing plan to ensure you are choosing the right type of advertisement that will help you successfully reach your sales and marketing goals.

Advertise With Diversity In New York City

The great thing about advertising in New York City is that there is not just one way to advertise. To reach the most people, you may want to choose several various advertising methods to ensure your brand reaches the most people in your target audience.

Advertise On Conventional Billboards

Conventional billboards have been around for many decades. These billboards require more lead time, more planning, and sometimes a bigger investment. A conventional billboard typically will have the art premade in pieces and a professional will install the pieces on the billboard of the desired location. With these types of billboards, there is no room for last-minute changes.

Advertise On Digital Billboards

As technology in this world advances, so has ways to advertise. As you travel and see new york billboards, you may notice that many of the billboards are in a digital format. A digital billboard is great both for the advertiser and the company that owns the billboard. The owner of the billboard is able to maximize the amount advertisements displayed. For the advertisers, they have more flexibility and more options with their art. They are able to make changes up until the date of the posting of the billboard. The advertiser can choose specific dates and times where they would like to see their brand advertisement posted for the public.

Advertise On Street Furniture

In New York City alone, there are over 40,000 street furniture options available. Street furniture includes almost everything. Bike racks, bikes/scooters, transit shelters, bus benches, garbage cans, kiosks, newsstands, and everything in between. These pieces are sprinkled throughout the city so if you are looking for presence all over, this can be a great option for you.

Advertise On Transit Locations

The majority of people in New York City do not own a car. They trade living in the center of the world for not owning a car and using public transportation to get around. The most popular transportation is the New York Subways, with buses and taxis following closely after. The transits run throughout all parts of the city, so if you use this avenue to advertise, your exposure will be high and reach all types of people in the city.

Advertise At Airport Locations

People from all over the world take a journey and fly to New York City. With the demand of passengers coming into the city, there are several airports to chose from. People fly into JFK, La Guardia, or Newark Airport. All three options are less than 45 minutes outside of the Manhatten area. As people are moving through the airport from their gate to luggage claim and around the airport grounds, these potential clients will be exposed to advertisements for your brand.

Advertise On Wallscape

Wallscapes are areas attached to prime real estate in New York. These advertisements are on a large scale and can be seen from far away.

Advertise On Wildposting

Many people have seen Wildposting and may not know what it is. Wildposting is an advertising technique when space is plastered with posters. Usually, space is a large wall. Generally, the same poster will be used over and over again on the entire wall. When doing Wildposting, it is encouraged to have this display in several areas around the city. Wildposting is great for areas that have high foot traffic.

Advertise On Radio

New York City has always been the home of the best and most well-known radio personalities. With approximately 8 million people in the area and with the capability to tune into the radio, a radio advertisement in New York City will get plenty of exposure.

Advertise On Television

Television advertisements can be costly but if the return on investment is worth it, a television ad may be worth considering. With up to 8 million people turning in to the local channels, you will be able to captivate the audience with a commercial.

Advertise On Retail Outlets

Throughout the city, there are retail locations. These advertisement locations are sprinkled throughout the city with roughly 5,000 options.