The pros and cons of smart padlocks

Whether it be to secure your garden shed or gate, a gym locker or your toolbox, you’ll discover a comprehensive range of padlocks on the market, including smart padlocks that are controlled via an app on your smartphone and come with a host of convenient features.

But the question is – is a smart padlock right for you?

To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of using such padlocks.


Conveniencewith a smart padlock, you don’t need a key. Instead, it syncs with your phone and you use a free app to lock and unlock it. Some padlocks can detect your smartphone within range so will lock and unlock as you approach – ideal if you’ve got your hands full!

Security – if you’re looking for a padlock to secure valuables in the workplace, a smart padlock is favourable – especially if you have a high turnover of staff. No more fiddling with keys, dials or keypads, these padlocks make it easier for you to monitor who comes and goes at all times, from anywhere.

Authorise access for multiple users – smart padlocks don’t just allow you to secure your property and assets, they can be controlled remotely. Take the Igloohome smart padlock, for instance. As the most flexible padlock that allows for time-sensitive access, you can share access via the Igloohome app. No wonder it’s a popular choice for hotels and Airbnb’s.


Cost/installation a smart padlock is a sizable investment and something that may take you some time to save up for. But the chances are you will need a professional to install the lock and set it up too. And it’s worth noting that malfunctions can be costly to fix as well.

Vulnerability to hackers – unfortunately, padlocks that are networked are prone to cyberattacks and can be hacked as easily as your Wi-Fi. Generally, Bluetooth padlocks tend to be safe from hacking.

Reliance on phones – because your phone is essentially the key to your padlock, you need to be extremely careful with it. After all, if someone gets access to your phone, not only will they have access to your texts, emails, social media accounts and photos, but they will also be able to get into your house. And if your phone battery dies or you lose it, you might end up locked out.

Is a smart padlock worth it?

There’s no denying that smart padlocks are convenient. They enable you to access your property and possessions with ease and come with some remarkable features and functions.

But these padlocks aren’t for everyone and some people would much prefer to use a traditional padlock that costs a fraction of the price and is straightforward to use.

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