3 inventive ways to use spiral staircases

Spiral staircases look amazing and, with plenty of modern and contemporary designs to choose from, can make a real statement in your home. But the question is – is a spiral staircase right for you?

First and foremost, spiral stairs are spacesaving. Thanks to their innately vertical design, they take up a lot less room than any traditional flight of stairs which is great if you don’t have a lot of room to work with. What’s more, their compact, open tread nature can make rooms feel light, airy and less constricted.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But if you’re not sure where a spiral staircase can be used in your house, take a look at these inspiring staircase ideas…

Use a spiral staircase as the main feature in your home

Aside from their practical purpose, spiral stairs can become a focal point in your home and instantly draw your eyes. Ideal given that the staircase is usually the first thing that visitors will see when you open your front door!

From ornate designs to modern wooden structures and a combination of wood and metal parts, there is a vast range of options with these staircases. And when properly installed by staircase specialists, like the team at Pear Stairs, you can be confident that it will look gorgeous for years to come.

Use spiral stairs for a new loft conversion

Recently converted the loft into a bedroom? Why not add a mystical charm to your new space with a spiral staircase? One of the biggest benefits of these stairs is that, more often than not, they can fit into existing landings with minimal impact on the floor below.

You might also consider using this type of staircase to lead from your landing to the new level for safety reasons. For example, in some cases, a set of straight steps could be too steep or awkward to access safely – making spiral stairs a brilliant alternative.

Use a spiral staircase to lead down to the basement

Increasingly more people are choosing to convert their basement as an effective means of creating more space. Whilst some homes have stairs in place already, some don’t. So, if there isn’t a staircase down to your cellar, or it’s beyond repair, it’s worth considering your options and having a new one installed (professionally, of course).

It’s no secret that spiral staircases have a much smaller footprint than traditional staircases and work particularly well in tighter areas throughout the home. While a steep flight of stairs running down from your kitchen isn’t ideal, spiral stairs can free up space – allowing you to maximise storage space.

These are just a few creative ways you could incorporate a spiral staircase into your home, and there are many more. If you like the idea of having a unique centrepiece in your home, or have been wanting to install a new staircase up to your loft or down to your basement for a while, be sure to contact Pear Stairs – the UK’s leading staircase manufacturer.