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U.K. singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti releases his new album — Europiana — today via Capitol Records. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Savoretti worked with producers including Cam Blackwood (George Ezra, Florence & The Machine) and Mark Ralph (Jess Glynne, Years & Years, Jax Jones) approaching the album with more confidence and imagination than ever before. Says Savoretti, “Europiana isn’t a sound. It’s references and inspirations and the emotions they evoke. It’s the music of my childhood summers, remade for today.”


For the breathtaking visual, the GRAMMY® Award-winning artist teamed up with renowned photographer and director Mark Seliger in The Bahamas. Surrounded by natural splendor, the video intercuts footage of Kravitz rising from the ocean, singing atop a cliff, and ripping on a Gibson Les Paul as waves crash, water splashes, and the sun sets. A fire rages as tribal drums resound for the grand finale. It culminates with the message, “We can join together and through love we’ll get it done. We’ve got to raise vibration.”

Cold Weather Company Announce New LP

On the video, Steve Shimchick of Cold Weather Company says: “This is an ode to our community for their determination throughout the pandemic, as well as an opportunity to recognize our luck and privilege to connect with each other virtually when other options are limited. During a feeling of personal stagnation, watching friends create and share their art throughout the difficulty of the past year was incredibly motivating for me. I wanted to capture, and thank them for, their efforts and dedication.”

JUICYPEAR Drops Psych-Folk, ‘Seventies SoCal In The Summer’ Flavor On New Single

Amidst a season of societal heaviness, confusion and constraint, the husband-wife duo of Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda emerged out of nowhere (SoCal, actually) in the back-half of the year with a series of shimmery, soulful, power-pop tunes that delivered an essential dosage of levity and bliss to weary souls worldwide.

Missing Piece – Single – Danielle Cormier

Danielle released the first single off her upcoming EP, Réflexion. The song is titled “Missing Piece” and was inspired by the movie Hearts Beat Loud starring Nick Offerman. Danielle has already received attention from multiple press outlets, and we’d love to keep the momentum going with the release of this single.

New Music: Jah Sun & The Rising Tide Release New Single “No Profit No Peace”

Jah Sun & The Rising Tide are proud to announce “No Profit In Peace,” the second single from their upcoming album Running Through Walls, due out this Summer. The single drops today and will be followed by another stellar music video. The band continues to showcase their new music from the upcoming album during their current summer tour. Full tour dates below with more fall dates in the works through Hip Joint Creative Talent Agency.


Dempsey says, “”birds” describes that care free summer feeling of the birds chirping, the sun rising extra early, and having all the time in the world to do whatever your heart desires. i want my summer to be just that.”


Today, 22-year-old singer-songwriter and rising artist-to-watch Ashley Kutcher unveils a new single and music video entitled “Favorite What If.” The Clyde Munroe directed video is a dreamy montage telling the story of past lovers through shots of their intimate moments spent together.

Serhat Durmus Releases Debut Album ‘Arres’

Today, Turkey’s own bass music trailblazer Serhat Durmus has released his debut album, ‘Arres’, out now on Amuse. With a number of highly successful singles under his belt, ‘Arres’ marks Serhat’s first full body of work and a point of departure for a producer to watch. ‘Arres’ represents a creative expression of Serhat’s life story, drawing from his most powerful emotions, ambitions as an artist, and the love of his family.


Growing up, Kat and Alex both spoke Spanish exclusively until first grade. Kat was raised in Miami and is a first-generation American from a Cuban family, and Alex is of Puerto Rican descent, originally hailing from Northwestern Georgia and later moved to Miami. Their familial experiences and musical tastes consisted of exposure to both Country and Latin music, which they have taken inspiration from to create their unique sound. Now with “Gira de Desamor,” they continue to pay homage to their Latin heritage and bring a new life to “Heartbreak Tour.”

Alternative Metal Band, ALBORN, Releases New Single “HINDSIGHT”

Northern Illinois based alternative metal band, Alborn has a sound that has been compared to Deftones or a heavier version of Alice in Chains. But, make no mistake, Alborn has created something unique, hard, and melodic.


The ‘Monsters’ video mines at our nostalgic desire to go back to the simpler times of childhood, when we would watch TV in PJs and our biggest fears were of the night. 24kGoldn makes a flawless appearance in the video, to not only deliver his hard-hitting verses, but to visit his younger-self and show the blanket-cape clad child that there’s nothing to fear.

Ready for broadcast… Summertime from renowned British pop / indie duo The Dunwells

Soulful alt-pop/R&B trio Ahmore releases debut EP ‘Sonder’

Following the recent release of singles garnering attention and plays, soulful alt-pop/R&B trio AHMORE has just unveiled their debut EP Sonder. The six-track collection showcases the group’s distinctive blend of styles including contemporary R&B and baroque pop.


“Pretender” leans more into the “rock” of “pop-rock” than the previous singles from XOXO: From Love And Anxiety In Real Time while still maintaining the catchiness and danceability of the other songs. The song was released alongside a lyric video which gives viewers a glimpse into the writing and recording process of the new record.

Southern California’s world-funk pioneers, Delta Nove release eighth studio album

Today, Delta Nove has released their eighth studio album, a 16-song double LP titled Beyond. Relix exclusively premiered the full album earlier this week.

For Delta Nove, the past decade has been both transformational and tragic. Following their last record, Imaginary Conversations, the former Jambase “Road Warriors of the Year” chose to slow down their once-relentless touring schedule to stay closer to home, focusing on their families and their individual careers while continuing to collaborate as Delta Nove.

Premiere: Delta Nove Regroups Following Tragedy to Release Double-LP ‘Beyond’

JORDY Releases New Single + Video “Better In My Head” 

Today, breakout Tik Tok sensation JORDY releases a brand new single + video “Better In My Head” – via 300 Entertainment. Celebrating his first release with 300, JORDY is undoubtedly making a splash with this sincere and mesmerizing track. Backed by a bouncy beat, “Better In My Head” is honest, exploring the all-to-relatable theme of romanticizing a relationship too much – until it becomes ‘better in your head’ than in reality. The video takes viewers on a night drive with JORDY that feels personal and intimate. Complete with vibrant hues and JORDY’s undeniable passion, “Better In My Head” will evoke emotion in viewers and simultaneously have them singing along to JORDY’s thoughtful and introspective lyrics.

RZA Releases New Single “Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater”


Billboard named “July Heat” as one of the best new dance tracks, noting, “Together [Luke Steele and Jarrad Rogers] conjure the futuristic vibes of the year 3000, with their first single ‘July Heat’ giving an optimistic vision of the far-off future. The vocals are pitched up to robot level, and the track is a dually spare and brightly glitchy amalgamation that’s altogether sleek as the chrome on your hovercraft.”

OUT TODAY: The Naysayers shares “Family Tree” + new Self Titled LP

The Naysayers are a sub-arctic indie rock four piece from Whitehorse, Yukon with a new full-length album due for release on June 25 via Coax Records. Forged in the freezing cold, these boreal belles blend elements of punk, pop, and alt-rock, that feels like a punch in the gut and a warm embrace at the same time.

Led by veteran singer-songwriter Drea Nasager, her visceral lyrics, powerful vocals, and emotional intensity combine with rich melodies and unrelenting energy to create songs as spellbinding as the northern lights.

FAMOUS UNDERGROUND Releases New EP In My Reflection + Official Music Video for “The Dark One Of Two”

For more than a decade, the core members of FAMOUS UNDERGROUND – Nick Walsh and Laurie-Anne Green – have consistently, but unsurprisingly, shunned musical trends in favor of holding the metallic hard rock torch high. And with the group’s latest release, a 5-song EP entitled In My Reflection, the torch burns brightly.

For Skope: R.Braga & Galluxy’s “Nobody Else”

Icewear Vezzo and Future “Tear The Club Up” in a New Video

Using his conversational drawl to tell quintessential hustler stories, icewear Vezzo is always on his grind. Connecting with a trap superstar for his latest video single, Vezzo shares “Tear The Club Up.” The new song finds the Detroit heavy-hitter bringing Future into his sonic realm, marked by ominous low-note pianos and accented handclaps. Both emcees spend the song listening to the devil on their shoulders, comparing their experiences with lean and preparing to tear the club up with their womanizing ways. In the video, releasing at 4pm, Vezzo and Future live up to the song’s title, connecting with their crews in one of ATL’s finest nightlife establishments.


As a track, “Come Thru” deals in the provision of positive energy and trusting your inner confidence. Combining a glitchy synth line with laid back drums and a sexy slick bass line creates a melting pot of formidable two step and raucous energy. Joining the near perfect musical bed is SonReal and Jalmar. They provide a piece of unflustered bravado, with the two versatile vocal deliveries trading verses, bars and energy rapidly over the Margherita ready production.