Prepare to be amazed with Abstract Source and Amey St. Cyr’s newest collaboration, ‘Mad World’!

Author: Greg Fairley

Abstract Source the music producer and established artist and sound designer has joined forces with vocals provided by Amey St. Cyr, a singer songwriter with extensive experience in the music industry. The two work well together and have delivered a catchy and lyrically significant song. These lyrics by Amey will resonate with every listener. They explore the current state of the world we are living in; ‘Mad World’ simply is just that! The song discusses the delusion of supremacy, discussing how in a society where inequality is seen in so many aspects of our day to day lives in gender, race and sexual orientation and countless others. It encapsulates the message of breaking free with your own sense of freedom.

The backing track has an electronic beat behind it. The instrumental has a catchy hook which will definitely ring in your head all day, it takes a break from the catchy smooth flow of the track which gives you an essence of electronic/disco Ibiza night scene vibe to it. Coupled with the well-arranged harmonies and layering over the ever growing instrumental played behind the vocals is very carefully done! You can hear the time it has taken to carefully construct this track. These two artists coming together have really provided something different and special from everything else we are hearing currently on the charts.