Versa the Band Release ‘Free Thinker’

FREE THINKER dives into the beauty of our world from the perspective of a self-proclaimed “Free Thinker” as discussed in the prologue of the album. This album holds up a mirror to society by showing the trials and tribulations of everyday people, the disparity of love and the world as we know it changing forever. The overarching theme of the album suggests that to live a truly happy life, we must subject our mind to free thoughts and free experiences while allowing ourselves to be open to the challenges that come our way. Split up into four chapters, FREE THINKER sets up a story that truly is meant for any music-lover in the modern age.


Originating from Long Island, New York, Versa the Band made it a priority to create music that was genreless; a discography for anyone to listen to, not defined in any one box. The band — which isn’t much of a band at all — describes itself as a “Music Collective” of artists who come together to collaborate with founder, Ethan Felizzari.

VTB’s sound blends Alternative and Hip Hop with traditional Pop, elements of Jazz, Soft Rock & more. Influences include artists like Bon Iver, James Blake, Rosalia, & soul legend Sam Cooke. With songs like “Chelsea in the Spring”, “Don’t Be Alone”, “Just Friends” & “Pearl”, Versa the Band shows their true individuality by not conforming with any one sound.


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