FAKY releases New single, “Take My Hand”

FAKY has released their latest single “Take My Hand” as the theme song for Akuma to Love Song (A Devil and Her Love Song), which is Hulu Japan’s new live-action drama series based on the popular manga of the same name.

“I have been listening to FAKY’s songs frequently for a few years. Especially, the song ‘Who We Are’ is a powerful song for me. When I prepared the live-action drama ‘A Devil and Her Love Song,’ I had already decided in my mind that I would offer FAKY for the theme song. That was because this drama’s theme completely matches FAKY, who sings with ‘the passion that never afraid of standing by oneself.’ We had a chance to listen to ‘Take My Hand’ at the first meeting and everyone from the director to the staff in that room felt like, ‘This is it!’ and agreed to use this song. The director loved this song and immediately shared it with the Camara staff and main clues. As a result, the visual of ‘A Devil and Her Love Song’ is very influenced by the mood of this song. We’d like you to enjoy the matching of the drama and the music.” – Tetsuya Ono, the Producer of Akuma to Love Song (A Devil and Her Love Song).