New Video By Rob Murat ‘Love Me Love’

How do you react when your significant other is away on a trip? Do you feel liberated by the distance, or are you anxious and unsettled? Is your desire to know their every move motivated by love, or concern, or simple paranoia? Trust, passion, confusion, romantic destabilization, that unmistakable amalgam of joy and terror that accompanies all lovers who find themselves far from each other: these are the components of Rob Murat’s witty, trenchant clip for “Love Me Love,” his latest single featuring award winning Ghanaian artist, Adina Thembi. The celebrated actor and R&B singer/songwriter delivers a video that will resonate globally for the jealous and the suspected alike – and like all good suspense stories, it’s got a twist ending.

The brand new “Love Me Love” finds Rob making his directorial debut as he enlists the help of Thembi, one of the best-loved Afropop vocalists in contemporary Ghanaian music. She adds her sweetness and fire to a track that’s already explosive. Thembi’s verse is a stinging rejoinder to Murat’s muscular verses, and their dialogue heightens both the intensity and the immersive quality of the song. You know people like this; maybe you and your partner are people like this.

You’d expect an accredited actor like Rob Murat, who has acted opposite Academy Award winner Halle Berry in the CBS TV series, Extant, and currently guest stars on the hit Netflix show, On My Block, to deliver a compelling performance as a tormented lover – and that he does. He locates the madness at the heart of romantic insecurity, and communicates the desperation of hours spent waiting by the phone for a message. But Adina Thembi commands the camera just as effortlessly. She’s a gorgeous screen presence, radiating intelligence and confidence, dodging surveillance cameras and cell phone stalkers with grace.

When first we see Adina’s character, she’s walking the streets of her native Ghana on a beautiful day, smiling at passersby, taking in the sites. Meanwhile, Rob Murat’s character frets, alone, in Los Angeles. When he receives an ominous alert on his phone, he’s driven to distraction – and we’re given a glimpse of the inside of his jealous head. He’s straightjacketed and frenzied, a prisoner of his own emotions. Although “Love Me Love” tackles a complicated subject, it will definitely capture your imagination and take it along this crazy ride.