Rising LA Artist Sophia Eiss Debuts Captivating Single “Immaculate Vibes”

Rising singer-songwriter Sophia Eiss is the latest singer out of the bubbling LA music scene, and she’s making a huge statement for her first release of 2021 with “Immaculate Vibes”, a slice of pop-R&B magic. Having only debuted last year, the independent artist has already begun to amass a following and looks set to continue her rise with this new release.

Playing guitar since the age of six and writing her own songs soon after, Sophia showcases her full repertoire on “Immaculate Vibes”, with the track highlighting her ability to carve out addictive hooks, irresistible melodies and relatable lyrics that we all experience but sometimes are unable to put into words ourselves. Setting the tone for the song with an opening romantic Spanish guitar riff, the track hears Sophia proclaim her love and appreciation for someone special, capturing the intimate feelings that occur when we are drawn towards someone. While these feelings are often indescribable, Sophia depicts them perfectly, bringing her lyrics to life with her warm, velvety vocals.

Speaking more on the track, Sophia says, “‘Immaculate Vibes’ is about my first love. I had never felt attraction like that before. The only way to describe it was ‘Immaculate Vibes’. There’s nothing like it – we all know that feeling when the stars seem to align, the timing is right, and you question how you got to meet this incredible person.

If “Immaculate Vibes” is part of the opening chapter, it’s clear Sophia Eiss has an exciting path ahead of her as a singer and a songwriter, making her an artist to watch out for in 2021 and beyond. And with more new music lined up for the months ahead and an EP planned for later this year, we’re excited for what’s to come next.

“Immaculate Vibes” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/sophiaeiss/immaculate-vibes