Which To Choose? Five Common Types Of CBD Products Explained

With its potential benefits and a large number of supporters, it is no secret that the CBD industry is booming all around the world these days. This all-natural, active compound is also super versatile, so you can buy CBD oil in a huge variety of products. This includes both traditional formats like CBD oils and capsules or, more exciting, like infused soda or bath salt. 

As a potential customer of CBD products, you probably have some questions. What is the difference between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products? How can you take CBD oil? And what are the most common types of CBD products available?

Are There Different Types Of CBD Products?

All CBD products are available in three main forms: 

  • Full-spectrum, or also called whole-plant extract, contains not only CBD but also other beneficial compounds from hemp, such as flavonoids, terpenes and other minor cannabinoids like CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol). It also includes legal amounts of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychotropic cannabinoid that causes the users to feel high or “stoned” associated with the recreational use of marijuana;
  • Broad-spectrum CBD also contains multiple cannabinoids and other natural compounds sourced from the plant, save for THC. High-quality, broad-spectrum CBD products usually contain high amounts of CBD oil and trace amounts of other bioactive compounds;
  • CBD isolate – this type of CBD extract contains only pure cannabidiol without any other plant compounds or even small traces of THC.

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products are thought to be more effective than isolates because of the entourage effect. This theory suggests that compounds tend to be more active when formulated together in one product, which can increase the potential therapeutic benefits.

Although broad-spectrum CBD is free from THC, it can still produce the entourage effect, which is the amplified therapeutic benefit when multiple cannabinoids work together. 

Why Do The Effects Of Cannabidiol Vary By Person?

Everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system, and the effects of CBD will vary by person. If you could ask CBD consumers to mention the main impact they experienced from CBD products, you could receive a wide variety of answers. CBD’s influence on the ECS and other receptor systems is different.

Some people feel more awake or energised after taking CBD, while others feel that CBD induces a calming sensation. However, some people feel that CBD doesn’t cause an immediate sensation. Instead, they could experience effects associated with a more effective ECS, such as sleeping more soundly at night or a better day-to-day feeling.

There are several factors why the impact of CBD varies by person, which include genetic makeup, gender, body composition, nutrition and lifestyle, physical health, and CBD routines. Similar to other substances, individual tolerance for CBD could change over time. A first-time user will have a different experience from a regular user.

CBD Tinctures

Such products are really easy to use as they usually come with a dropper to help measure doses more accurately and also gives you flexibility on how to take your CBD dosage. 

CBD oil oral drops can be used daily or when needed. Although some people use it in the morning and before bed, CBD oil tinctures can be used throughout the day by adding a few drops to your favourite tea, juice or your daily meals. 

You can also administer the oil sublingually for fast and effective absorption. All you have to do is place 2-4 drops under the tongue and hold for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows CBD oil to be absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth, meaning it bypasses the digestive system and delivers positive effects faster. 

CBD Vape Products

In case you would prefer to inhale your daily dose of CBD oil, then CBD vaping might be a great option for you. Intended to be vaporised and then inhaled, CBD vape juice, vape oil or other e-liquids delivers active components directly to the lungs, where CBD is rapidly absorbed into the body. 

Among CBD infused e-liquids, you can also find disposable/refillable vape pens and cartridges that are available in various concentrations and flavours to match your preferences and allow users to experiment with different options.

CBD Capsules

You can also take CBD oil in capsule form, which is a perfect way to add CBD to your daily routine. The beauty of CBD capsules, pills and soft-gels is that they come pre-measured and pre-packaged for you, eliminating the need to measure your daily dosage. You can also avoid the hassle of placing an oil dropper under your tongue and don’t need to worry about creating a mess while taking capsules as they are easier to consume and might be taken with you virtually anywhere!

They are often tasteless, odour-free and look like any other supplement, making it easier for those consumers who want to avoid the natural taste of cannabidiol or take CBD discreetly. Also, CBD capsules are considered one of the longest-lasting products as they need first to go through your digestive tract and the liver prior to getting in the bloodstream and providing first benefits.

CBD Edibles

Nowadays, many consumers are increasingly gravitating towards edible formats as one of many new, different types of cannabidiol products. CBD edibles are popular for many reasons, including their taste, discretion and ease of use.

Since many people don’t like the distinctive and earthy taste of hemp or find it really too hard to swallow capsules and pills, edible CBD products provide consumers with a great alternative. Edibles are typically manufactured in pre-measured doses and mask the taste into a yummy treat like CBD oil gummies, chocolate or cookies. This allows receiving the daily dosage of cannabidiol fast while enjoying a delicious snack or drink.

CBD Topicals

While sublingual CBD oil tinctures, capsules, drinks and edibles are ingested and then get drawn into the bloodstream, many people wonder how topical CBD products work since they do not enter the bloodstream?

Cannabinoid receptors are not only concentrated in the brain, central nervous system, throughout the immune system and internal organs; they are also found in our skin cells. The topical application of cannabinoids like CBD has a direct effect on the localised area, as active compounds can interact with your skin rather than entering your bloodstream.

Topical CBD products in the form of creams, facial cleansers, patches, bath bombs or balms can be applied directly to the painful or irritated skin area aiding in relieving pain and chronic aches or reducing itching, dryness and skin redness, among other positive effects.