Hypnotic, glamorous, and melancholic: Realma’s theatrical follow-up single ‘Wandering’

Realma is ready to unveil her brand new orchestral single ‘Wandering’ and invite thrill-seekers everywhere to experience its compelling sonic narrative. A microcosm of a bygone era in cinema, Realma’s jazzy single ‘Wandering’ perfectly encapsulates the style and drama of the film noir genre. Nonetheless, the song is a tribute to both old and new, incorporating modern whimsy and charm whilst maintaining classicism at its core. To reach this point, the music followed an unusual creative journey:

“Two years ago, I had this assessment at Pointblank Music School in London for songwriting. Busy with full-time film and drama studies, I just wanted to quickly compose a simple love song. Despite writing lyrics of standard sweet nothings, I found this borderline obsessive tone when I revisited the material. It’s as if the words described abusive relationships, a few of which I’d witnessed with those close to me. With that came the idea to venture into the highly dramatic genre of film noir, which I am a huge fan of, and give it all an orchestral treatment from my classical music background.” – said REALMA.

Realma’s new track marks the second installment of her long-term audiovisual collaboration with a worldwide group of young artists. The main accompaniment to the song is the animated 3D music video by the award-winning animator and 3D artist, Mihajlo Dragaš: “The starting idea was to implement the recognizable style of classic black and white noir films, with symbolical accents of color similar to graphic novels like ‘Sin City’. Use of dark city environments, atmospheric fog and rain adds even more to the story of passion, revenge and love, including a striking twist at the end. Together with the music, it all came to be a kind of a love letter to the film noir aesthetic” – said Mihajlo Dragas.

“A love letter to the film noir aesthetic.”

Hypnotic, glamorous, and melancholic: Realma’s theatrical follow-up single ‘Wandering’ explores the fine line between love and obsession.