Mark Westberg Shines on Latest Record ‘Ghost’

Having enlisted the trusty help of their band mate and close friend, Alex Miles (A-Mile), from Seattle, WA to work on this new song, Westberg was able to turn a rough diamond into something more polished. ‘Ghost’ has now been released on all major platforms and is available to stream and download. Let’s take a listen…

‘Ghost’ begins with a gentle guitar melody before Westberg’s striking vocal joins the arrangement. Telling a tale of personal torment, this is a deeply intimate track. As the artist explains in their own words so eloquently: “‘Ghost’ is a metaphorical and personal reflection of internal struggle, and it touches on how gradually healing from pain and past conflict is not always the easiest of journeys. This tune is one of my ways of facing that.”

‘Ghost’ is a single which ebbs and flows through different human emotions, and the music sways you and moves you from beginning to end. The song is like a journey and your imagination and heart are sure to be ignited.

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