The Healing Power of Fuller’s Earth

Is multani mitti an inseparable staple of your homemade vanity kit? I can see you nodding.  We Indians love home remedies. And why not, when most of the cosmetic companies claim to use botanical extracts in their products, why not use these ingredients in their purest unadulterated form with negligible cost.

Talking about the natural ingredients, the first name that comes to mind is multani mitti. If our grandmas vouches for multani mitti face packs, there must be some weightage.

But you know what? we should not use a product until unless we know about the merits and demerits. Let’s dig in today the healing properties of this clay from multan.

Comes in green, white, yellow and brown color, this mud is rich in calcium bentonite, minerals, magnesium chloride, aluminum magnesium sulphate, zinc, silica, iron and oxides. You can assess the power of its cleansing property by the fact that multani mitti was used to clean the marble of taj mahal. Fullers earth is beneficial not only for your skin and hair but it is widely used for industrial purposes too.

The nutrients present in it make it a fertile soil and its antibacterial properties make it an effective decontaminant for soil. It might be interesting for you to know that in earlier days, it was used in textile to remove oil and greasy impurities from wool by fullers (textile workers) and from there it got the name fullers earth. It is a powerful oil absorbent and vastly used as an active or inactive ingredient in beauty products.

Here I am sharing some marvelous healing properties of this clay that comes to us from grandma’s wisdom. Go on and read on:

  • Soothes sunburn.
  • Astringent properties zap pimples and acne breakouts.
  • Cools down inflammation.
  • Its therapeutic properties cure fungus and infection.
  • Tightens skin and prevents premature aging.
  • Decontaminate skin of pollution, excess sebum, grime and dirt.
  • Reduces sweating.
  • Diminishes dark circles.
  • Minimise/shrink pores.
  • Alkaline nature balances pH value of skin.
  • Deeply exfoliates the skin by extracting dead skin cells, blackheads and white heads like a magnet. You feel like your skin is literally breathing.

No wonder why multani mitti lends a radiant skin. So much so that you will get visibly clean skin only after the first application of a multani mitti face pack.

However, the other side of the picture is that there are some minor side effects too. As you already know that the clay is alkaline in nature and our skin’s pH value is acidic. So it challenges the pH value of skin and alter it to a harmful extent if used overly. Also, it is a dehydrating agent so like all other ingredients, you need to do a patch test for any allergic reactions. Other than that, multani mitti is always a safe bet.

So play with the mud, make some soothing and nourishing multani mitti face packs and get the same eternal gleam as it gives to taj mahal. And, for more such recipes, check out Cosmetics Arena.