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Mint Simon Embraces Gender Fluidity In Funky-Pop Single “Some of Everything” – Out Now

Continuing off the momentum of their first single, Mint Simon, front-person of Caveboy, is back with “Some of Everything,” a pop track that’s sonically as fluid as gender itself.

Mint Simon is using their new musical project as a vehicle for self-discovery and expression, as they develop their unique musical sound as a solo act while sharing their journey of self acceptance. The new single encourages listeners to resist the narrow boxes of society and embrace the complexities of who they are.

The Nomadic Release New Single “Under A Georgia Sky” + Official Music Video

“Under a Georgia Sky is a song that pays tribute to the various amazing people we meet in our lives, who come into our orbits to teach us things about ourselves and help us grow. It is a song that tries to capture and evoke the reminiscence and nostalgia of a beautiful relationship and/ or friendship, that may not work out at the time, for various reasons, but with the passing of time can be rekindled and rebuilt Under a Georgia Sky” says lead singer-songwriter Rob Gaylard.

The Rumjacks – new video ‘Rhythm Of Her Name’

The Rumjacks have shared the video for ‘Rhythm Of Her Name’. The track features on their new album Hestia, which was released in March to widespread critical acclaim, and follows the announcement of an extensive UK and Ireland tour in 2022.

“‘Rhythm Of Her Name’ is one of those songs that only can arise out of tragedy,” explains singer Mike Rivkees. “With ghastly undertones in both lyrics and video, the combination of the two has created some of my proudest work as both a songwriter and filmmaker. Being able to intertwine these to tell a full story (without giving away the song’s true meaning) has made this one really shine.”

Samantha Schultz releases “Tingle,” a bubbly jazz-pop track perfect for the summer

LA-based singer-songwriter, Samantha Schultz, has been anxiously awaiting the release of her latest track “Tingle.”

The song is about the funny feeling she still feels whenever her partner, percussionist Trey Macias, walks into a room. The track has beachy vibes with its mellow jazz guitar and a bunch of interesting percussion from Trey. It also features some of Samantha’s most talented vocal work. The music video is full of bright colour, featuring the happy couple bouncing between costume changes and instruments.


Framing the dissolution of a relationship that never was, her viscerally honest lyrics (“could have been you / would have been you / nice to know you”) are a candid complement to the track that generates an emotional resonance beyond it’s barely two-minute run time. A product of both faded nighttime and the melancholic reflection of the morning after, Ebhoni’s matter-of-fact verses remain in the same harshly ephemeral gleam that highlights her own personal heartbreak into an evocative anecdote that feels both universally relatable and unexpectedly transcendent.

LISTEN/WATCH – Introducing Alt-Pop Duo, Nox Holloway. Shares New Single ‘Audrey’

Written as an ode to the iconic Audrey Hepburn, the homage embodies the sophistication and glamour of that era which still lives today; whilst the accompanied, beautifully shot official video keeps to the mysterious allure of the duo. Nashville based, Nox Holloway were undergrads turning lemons into lemonade during the pandemic, recording remotely from their home studios in Clemson University in South Carolina, London during a study abroad semester, and Nashville. With only one other track out ‘Separate Ways’ released so far, Nox Holloway have more exciting music to be released very soon.

BLOOD OF ANGELS New Official Video ‘Monotheism’ Pays A Family Tribute

The new video by US group Blood Of Angels is upon us in the form of Monotheism, the 2nd track from the excellent album The Failure Of Faith, released last year via Sliptrick Records. Here’s what the band had to say; “This is a video for our single Monotheism. More than just a music video. It is also a tribute to our Blood Of Angels family, and our Tampa, Florida metal scene that we love and hold dear. We hope you enjoy our video, and a look into our home.”


Following its Annie Mac premiere last night, today New York based singer, songwriter and producer Amber Mark releases ‘Competition’, the second single to emerge from her forthcoming debut album, set for release later this year on EMI/PMR Records. The track is a thematic progression from first single ‘Worth It’, with Amber’s previous reflections on her sense of self-worth now blossoming into a celebration of her strength. As with ‘Worth It’, the single is accompanied by a stunningly choreographed official video co-directed by Amber with Cara Stricker, with the anthology of the album’s videos set to form a short film to be released alongside the album. Amber also today announces an intimate London show at Lafayette on August 24th –

CHERYM Reveal Murderous Video For Netflix’s Dirty John-Inspired Single

Fast-rising Northern Irish trio Cherym are delighted to reveal the video for their latest single ‘Listening To My Head’, which is out now on Alcopop! Records.

A righteous pop-punk earworm of epic proportions, the single has so far scored support from NME, ALT PRESS, UPSET, Hot Press, Track 7 and more, landed on Spotify’s New Punk Tracks and The Punk List, and picked up over 100 radio plays.


‘Soldier’ is driven by a pulsating rhythm which blends a culture clash of electro-pop grooves and a militaristic marching beat. It’s a startling symphony which takes a surprising twist as Brave James’ heavenly vocals echo around the ether, simultaneously otherworldly unorthodox and swiftly soothing. The song’s percussive march is perfectly apt for the song’s lyrics. It draws poetic parallels between a soldier’s excursion into the unknown and someone’s urgent quest to find some kind of meaning in their life.

M Field announces self-titled debut EP & shares third single “Andrew”

Today, M Field announces his self-titled debut EP and shares a third track, “Andrew”. It is a wonderful introduction to a distinct global pop sound from one of the most unique voices in modern music.

The EP combines off-kilter rhythms with trademark somersaulting melodies flipping through gossamer textures that recall Peter Gabriel and The Blue Nile, while light electronics come curtesy of co-production from Bullion (Westerman, Nilufer Yanya).


Prolific Florida 9-piece seeyousoon continue to make strides forward with the reveal of fiery new rap cut, Faster Please. Arriving with a video showcasing the diverse chemistry existing among the collective, Faster Please further cements seeyousoon as one of the most exciting groups to emerge recently. Speaking on the track, they state:

We wrote “Faster Please” in the middle of quarantine. We hadn’t been together to work on music for a few months so it felt like this song really jumped out of us. It speaks to how much we love the early 2000’s hip-hop that influenced all of us in one way or another.” – seeyousoon

BLOOD OF ANGELS New Official Video ‘Monotheism’ Pays A Family Tribute

The new video by US group Blood Of Angels is upon us in the form of Monotheism, the 2nd track from the excellent album The Failure Of Faith, released last year via Sliptrick Records. Here’s what the band had to say; “This is a video for our single Monotheism. More than just a music video. It is also a tribute to our Blood Of Angels family, and our Tampa, Florida metal scene that we love and hold dear. We hope you enjoy our video, and a look into our home.”

Kiolo – ‘Sunshine’

Detroit Hard Rock/Metal Band WITHOUT END Releases New Single “SAVE YOU” + Official Music Video

Hard Rock/Metal band WITHOUT END released their new single “Save You” to all major platforms. The single was produced by Nick Reitman.

The video was shot by Tevin Colon of Tevin Colon Visuals and can be seen here:

“We chose Save You as the first single to be released because this song holds a special place with us and our past and we wanted to touch on the subject of depression because we feel it affects so many people around us on a day-to-day basis… and most of the time the struggle is internalized rather than reaching out for help” says the band’s vocalist Alex Osip.

Olivia O. Releases Solo EP ‘Great Big Nothing’ on Dirty Hit | Listen Now

“The stuff that I make for my solo project is more spur of the moment, less methodical. I’ll have an idea that pops into my head, and I’ll just sort of try to get it down,” Olivia said, comparing her solo work to the music she makes with her bandmate Avsha Weinberg, who together form the buzzy Atlanta-based duo Lowertown.

Dendrons Share “Same Spot” Track + Video

They are finishing their second full length LP 5-3-8 written and recorded during the Pandemic, at Sonic Ranch near El Paso, TX, working alongside engineer/producers Sonny DiPerri (Protomartyr, DIIV, Nine Inch Nails, Animal Collective, Emma Ruth Rundle) and frequent collaborator, Tony Brant.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Chicago-based DENDRONS shares ‘Same Spot’ – Watch Now!


Announcing himself in stunning fashion, Chicago based newcomer Baren Abel makes a stunning debut in newsingle, See. Showcasing dreamy vocals over delicate production, that track hails Baren Abel as an artist to watch this year. Speaking on the track, he states:

See was birthed from a conversation I had with a close friend of mine who was in a relationship and felt unsure as to whether or not his feelings were unrequited. He was constantly looking for little signs to place validity on her feelings for him because she never really showed or said it. When you love someone, you’ve gotta let them know. Those feelings have to be abundantly clear, real and ‘true’.


Frontiers Music Srl is positively thrilled to announce the release of the debut album from one of their most exciting new projects, a collaboration between powerhouse Finnish vocalists Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) and Netta Laurenne (Smackbound), under the banner Laurenne/Louhimo. “The Reckoning” will be unleashed on July 9, 2021 on CD/LP/Digital. Today, fans can check out the video for the title track of “The Reckoning.”