How You Can Clear Out Your Closet and Make Some Money

Credit: Sorapong Chaipanya via Pexels

Your closet is full of clothes that never see the light of day. Stop letting these items take up this precious real estate. Pull them off the hangers and use them to make a profit.

Selling Clothes for Fast Cash

When should you turn to your closet to make cash? It depends on what you need the money for.

If you’re dealing with an emergency expense, and you don’t have the funds to cover it right away, selling clothes isn’t a great solution. When you need funds immediately, you should go to a website like CreditFresh and apply for a personal line of credit. If you’re approved for the personal line of credit account, you may be able to withdraw within your credit limit and have those funds deposited into your bank account quickly. So, you can handle the emergency and deal with the repayments in the future.

If it’s not an emergency, and you just want to bulk up your savings, then selling your clothes is an amazing way to accomplish that. It’s an easy activity that you can do in your free time, and you’d be shocked by how much you can rake in.

How to Sell Your Clothes

Sort the Trash from the Treasure

People want to buy well-kept, gently used clothes. They don’t want your ten-year-old pajama bottoms with holes in the back or white t-shirts with bright yellow stains under the armpits.

So, while you’re emptying out your closet, you should make three piles of clothes: ones that you want to keep, ones that you think you can sell and ones that have to go in the trash. That’s right — the trash. You don’t want to donate your completely torn and stained items to a charity. They need quality items, too.

What items will sell best? Items that are barely worn or fit with a specific niche like vintage dresses, retro band t-shirts and designer shoes are bound to bring in buyers.

Clean Up

You have to clean your used garments before you sell them, especially if they’ve been sitting in your closet and gathering dust for months. Some garments will need more TLC than others. Check out this handy guide for which clothes need dry cleaning and which ones you can deal with on your own.

Find Your Marketplace

Don’t set up a yard sale and hope some strangers will want to shell out the big bucks for your clothes. If you want to make a good profit, you’re going to want to put your clothes up for sale online. Etsy and eBay are two extremely popular marketplaces. You can also look at these sites for selling clothes online to see if one of them piques your interest.

If those options don’t work for you, you can always put your listings on social media. Look at how this person sold her clothes on Instagram when she was having trouble making any sales on Poshmark. If you have a large following, you could get rid of your old clothes in no time.

Follow these tips and see what profits your old items can bring in for you. Your closet could be an absolute treasure trove!