The Guide on Oil Vape Battery

As vaping is attracting newcomers all the time, we thought it right to put together a guide about vape batteries. What many people don’t know is that the battery on a vape pen may be interchangeable, so if you want a more adjustable or powerful one you can simply buy one and change them over. This can’t always be done, but manufacturers are moving towards making batteries and vape devices this way.

So, what does the battery do, what is 510 all about, and why do you need adjustable voltage? Let’s get started!

The Vape Batterys Purpose

An oil vape pen is made up of four main components within the outer case. These are the electronic controls, the chamber or cartridge, the atomizer and the battery. It works like this: you put your oil in the chamber (or add a pre-filled one) and set the temperature as you want using the electronics. Then you press the start button, at which point the battery heats the atomizer to the temperature at which it vaporizes the oil.

That’s how you get your vape cloud which you then inhale to enjoy the effects of the oil you are vaping. Whether it’s cannabis or CBD or regular e-juice the process is the same and the effect also. Now, you will have read about a 510 thread battery which is the favoured type with oil vape pens. Next, we look at why the 510 thread is the one to have.

Why Is 510 Favoured?

The term ‘510 thread’ is used to describe the most popular type of thread used for connecting components and devices such as a vape pen and a vape pen battery. May will tell you it refers to the size and number of the thread, but in fact – while it may originally have had some such meaning – it is now simply a reference to the most commonly used thread type in the world of vape devices.

Manufacturers have come to realise that users want an element of customization. Hence, someone may by a device from one brand but prefer the power and level of adjustability from another brand’s battery. By way of universal use of the 510 thread they can buy that battery and replace the existing one by simply unscrewing and screwing back on.

The use of 510 threads opens up the market for greater variety and cross-brand product use. Why would you want to change your battery?

Voltage Differences

The voltage of the battery is the element that determines the temperature the atomizer is heated to. This in turn influences the taste and potency of the cloud. Different temperature clouds are preferred by individuals for their taste, strength and effect, so being able to alter the voltage is a desirable feature of an oil vape pen for many.

As not every oil vape pen offers this feature it is not uncommon for users to swap the battery for one that is more adjustable, has higher voltage or may provide longer usage between charges. This sort of versatility goes a long way in a market that is heavily populated with established brands.


Ongoing developments in battery technology will influence the way forward in terms of oil vape pen and other vape products and accessories. While the most versatile allow for many temperature selections at small increments it is mostly so that a battery will offer 3 or 4 settings that are easily selected by the user.

Now that you know a bit more about vape pen batteries you can start looking for one that offers you greater flexibility than your current model.