Leo Ganza Offers Triumphant Advice In Brand New ‘Pandemic’ Visuals

The newest single by Leo Ganza is called “Pandemic.” There is no symbolism, as it is inspired by exactly what you think it is. The addendum, is Ganza imagining a love story unfolding through the crisis. He also addresses the concurrent events of police brutality and the ensuing BLM movement. It’s as timely as a piece can be, and it might risk being a little alienating, if it weren’t so well done.

Leo Ganza is a Brooklyn based rapper, who has been involved in select projects throughout his tenure. There’s not a lot of previous bio on him, but we do know he currently performs as a solo act. His style on “Pandemic” is contemplative and direct. You could say Ganza embodies and typifies the East Coast rap style, as there is a certain poetry to his portrayal of the streets, and a romanticized optimism. On “Pandemic,” he looks for hope rather than despair in the uncertainty that still somewhat currently betides us.


The track itself, boasts exceptional production and mastering. Ganza employs piano, bass, and percussion to create something of an urban, jazz feel. The backdrop provides just the right mood and texture for the song’s content. In short, “Pandemic,” has the type of production value that can be slid into most mainstream radio stations, or genre specific stations, without protest. It’s a flattering first impression for first time listeners of Ganza.