Get your internet services installed during this 3rd Wave of COVID

COVID-19 has changed everything and now we are living in a world where we can’t just go out to any store to get anything we need, or we cannot go to movies with our friends unless we take precautionary measures like wearing mask, gloves and using hand sanitizers with maintaining social distancing. In all this pandemic situation, the internet has helped us a lot and now the internet is considered among the basic necessities without which we cannot even imagine having a life.

Everything we do is connected to the internet. From our businesses to education, everything we do is linked to the internet. We do pretty much everything on the internet like shopping online, working from home, taking online courses, and whatnot. We can’t see a life without the internet as it has helped us in many situations. Before this pandemic, people didn’t know the importance of the internet and how it can make our life easier.

Now after this whole COVID-19 pandemic situation, people have changed their living styles. Those students who used to go to different cities to their college are now enrolling in online courses and are taking online classes. They are saving a lot of money on traveling and as you are enrolling yourself in the virtual education system, the charges for the courses will also be less. A lot of perks when you do stuff online. People are making money by making videos on YouTube.

If you have finally decided to get internet services and you are worried and not sure how to get your internet services installed because of this whole pandemic situation. Don’t worry, we are going to help you out with the installation of your internet services. As you cannot go to any retail store, the easiest way to find out the availability of all the internet service providers in your area is you go on google, search ‘Internet in my area’, different websites like and will pop up on your screen, open the website and by putting in just your zip-code, all the internet service providers providing internet services in your area will be on your screen.

Because of this pandemic, there are many internet service providers which are providing economical packages to their customers who are on a low budget. If you are a student, Spectrum will give you free internet services for the first two months and with AT&T internet, if you are low budget, you can get internet services for just $10.00 a month.

Almost all the internet service providers provide high-speed internet services to their customers and there are multiple packages offered by all the internet service providers to their customers so even if you don’t qualify, there will be multiple options out of which you can pick the package which suits you the best.

How to get your internet services installed during the COVID lockdown?

The best way to sign up for residential internet services is by contacting the customer service team of the internet service provider. Almost all internet service providers offer 24/7 customer service and the teams are available for both new and existing customers. You can reach out to them whenever you want to.

If you have internet access, you can sign up for the services online as well but the best way to get the package is through reaching out the customer support as if you will have any concerns or any questions in mind, they will clear all those concerns and will answer all the questions.

After reaching out the customer support, let the specialist know what you are looking for, what are your requirements, and what is your entertainment budget. The specialist will offer you the package which suits you the best and if you like the package, you can let the specialist know and they will sign you up for the services.

The specialist might ask you for some details like your full name, address, your date of birth, and in some cases the specialist asks for the social security number. Don’t panic, if the specialist asks you for the social security number as that will be just for verification purposes.

If your house is wired

Once the specialist has your address, the specialist will let you know if the address is wired or not, and if the address is wired, you will be saving around $50-$100 for the professional installation. The internet service provider will offer you a self-installation option. They will either ship you the equipment or they will give you the option to pick up the self-installation kit from the store.

Once you get the equipment, it will be very easy to do the installation as the house is already wired. If you still face the issue, you can reach out to the customer support team and they will help you out with the installation.

If your house is not wired

If your house is not wired, the specialist will let you know and will schedule a professional installation for you. That will cost you around $50-$100 but that will be a one-time charge. A professional technician will be coming to your place with all the necessary equipment, will install the services, and will make sure that your services are installed perfectly fine and working well.

Summing it up

Just reach out to the customer support team of the internet service provider with which you want the internet services and get your services installed as soon as possible.