What to Look for in a Music Manager

Working with a music manager is something that can be significantly beneficial. It can help you gain recognition and focus on creating more music. If you’ve decided to hire one because you’re currently juggling too many responsibilities or are looking to further your reach, you should know what to look for in one.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a soloist or work with a band. Here are a couple of things you should look for in a music manager:

Available Time

While your first thought might be to get an established manager, it isn’t always the best idea. Someone with many acts might not be able to dedicate the required time to manage you. After all, they are probably more preoccupied with their moneymakers.

It’s challenging enough to get these managers to work with you. You can raise your chances if you have a history of gigs, sales, and press coverage. If you have only just started, the odds are they aren’t interested in managing you.

A less established manager can be better in these cases, as long as they have some time, understanding, and enthusiasm for your music.

Experience and Knowledge of the Industry

Experience isn’t necessarily a requirement in the music industry, but it can be significantly helpful. An experienced manager that can bring their long list of contacts and links can give you a nice headstart.

If they’ve already got some acts to perform paid gigs or interviews, they could get you some exposure if they’ve maintained these relationships. Trust and links take time to build up, so getting a manager with them is a pretty bonus.

Still, every manager starts somewhere. You shouldn’t count people out because they don’t have enough experience or links. If they’re interested in your scene and have time to push your career forward, they can be good for you.

Enthusiasm for Your Music

Managers should have some passion for music as a whole, but it’s even more vital for them to be enthusiastic about your music. They don’t need to love it, but they should care enough to make your music reach out to further audiences.

Good managers can offer invaluable advice. Their input can propel your music in the correct direction. However, that can only happen if they are passionate enough about your music.


When you first meet a manager, you should establish rapport. Managers are directly involved in how you or your band presents itself to the industry and the public. It isn’t necessary to be best friends, but you should get along with them and like them well enough.

Besides public relations, a manager usually handles finances, so it’s vital to ensure they’re financially responsible. This makes it essential to be able to trust your manager. You should find situations to get to know them better or get an outside perspective. If you’re in a band, you can discuss your opinions with the other members.

The Bottom Line

The right manager can make a difference in how far your music reaches. These tips can help you decide whether the manager you found is a good fit for you. You can overlook certain aspects, but there are ones such as being enthusiastic or having time to help you that are entirely essential.

In due time, you might make a name for yourself and attract famous entertainment industry insiders like Mark Gillespie and others.