The betting features that you should put to the test once you start wagering on sports

The fact that most sportsbooks look the same shouldn’t come as a surprise. Most gambling operators copy each other, which is the primary reason why you can access the same sports and use roughly the same promotions.

However, there is one department where you may find a lot of differences, and that’s the betting features. Some of the leading sports platforms give their users the chance to access special options that add to their overall experience.

Even though there are numerous alternatives that you may come across, some of them are more popular than others, so let’s check them out.

Live Streaming

Placing bets on live sports events is one of the reasons why this industry is so big. One of the ways to enhance your live betting experience is by using the dedicated live streaming feature. Although it is not available on every betting website, if you check this expert review by Efirbet about William Hill, you will see that one of the oldest gambling sites in the world allows its users to try it for free.

What’s interesting about this feature is that you have to log into your account to use it. It is also worth mentioning that most brands don’t offer a dedicated live stream for every sport. Usually, bookies focus on the most popular options – football, eSports, basketball, and tennis.

Betting Blog

This feature is different from most other options because it does not directly affect your betting experience. Instead, it gives you access to the latest information regarding all upcoming changes to the website.

Most bookies with a betting blog will inform their users about any new features, bonuses, options. This is a great way to keep up with everything new, especially if you don’t have enough free time.

Odds-on Coupons

The next feature that we’d like to include is not that popular yet, but we expect this to change in the future. Odds-on Coupon is an option that allows punters to place a bet on specific markets with boosted odds. In other words, they could potentially earn more if they make a successful prediction.

Cash Out

The third feature that you will find once you start using the services of William Hill is called Cash Out. This is the tool that allows users to control their bets. In other words, they can settle them even if the match isn’t over yet.

Cash Out is popular because punters can minimize losses or get an instant profit. Of course, this depends on what’s happening in the game. If the team/player you’ve wagered on is more likely to win, you will receive more money.


Perhaps one of the most sought-after betting options in the last couple of years is called Swap. When used, it allows users to change the market or the event without losing the amount they’ve wagered.

Some bookies have an updated version of Swap, called Edit Bet. The latter adds even more functionalities, so check whether William Hill will give you the chance to try it out.