Popular account-registration methods that you may have access to before you start betting

Online casinos play a crucial role in the iGaming industry because they bring together loads of players from all over the world. The majority of those types of websites work alongside professional software developers. Consequently, they provide their clients with numerous games, special promotions, and much more.

Before you get the chance to avail yourself of the different games and promotions, you have to create an account. The registration process is important and may take up to several minutes, depending on which option you choose. Speaking of methods, let’s look at some of the most popular account registration processes you will come across.

Via your mobile phone

Our mobile phone plays an important role in online betting because it allows us to play our favorite games on the go. Before we get the chance to do that, we have to check the steps for Betway registration, one of the most sought-after online bookies globally. Besides being popular for its products, this is one of the few brands where customers can sign up via their mobile devices.

The registration process should be pretty similar to the one on a desktop device, but you will probably have to verify your phone number, so keep that in mind.

Via a phone call

Creating an account on a gambling website via a phone call might seem strange, but it is pretty popular, especially in the UK. Some of the elderly punters prefer to contact their favorite online bookie and give the customer support team the required information so that they can create an account for them.

What’s interesting about this process is that you may be required to verify your identity as soon as your new account is ready. In other words, prepare a copy of your ID card or passport.


If you read the complete Betway review, you will notice that there is an option to sign up using an SMS. To begin this process, you will be required to provide your phone number. Once you do that, the bookie will send an SMS that includes a link, which will allow you to begin the process. If you need more information, please contact the customer support department.

Via an email

Last but not least, this is definitely the most popular way to create an account. This registration process should be available on every online bookie or casino, as long as you use your computer.

What makes this the preferred option for so many people is that it requires you to provide all sorts of information about yourself during the process. Hence, you don’t need to add anything else once you are ready.

Another advantage of signing up via your email is that you can choose one of the welcome promotions. As you probably know, some of the most popular online betting platforms provide their users with loads of offers, so it is important to choose the one you like the most.