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Hotly tipped alternative rock outfit Ten Eighty Trees release new single ‘Fear of Falling’

Having already received support directly from the likes of Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6), as well as Hype Machine tastemakers Yack Magazine, Little Indie Blogs, Popped Music, and The Girls at The Rock Show Newcastle-based rock band, Ten Eighty Trees, maintain their momentum with the release of new single ‘Fear of Falling’.

Ready for broadcast… Butterfly Vibes from young Canadian pop sensation Arianna Tsar Valentine

Arianna Tsar Valentine, also known as April Blush, is a rising 10 year old artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her debut, The April Blush LP, will be released one single at a time in 2021 and 2022, featuring lead song Making Our Dreams Come True. This will be followed by her singles Butterfly Vibes, Electrify Tdot (an anthem for her native Toronto) and much more to follow.

Young Niss – What More Can I Say

“What More Can I Say?” is a lyrical track where I’m having a deep conversation with myself and the audience. There is alot of word play, slick metaphors and visual lyrics throughout this song. It is Produced by Speedy Babyy.” – Young Niss

Conception release official music video for ‘No Rewind’

Conception release a brand new video for their track ‘No Rewind’ today (21st May). Both song and video alike take their inspiration from the environmental issues currently facing the wider world, with the latter being shot in the respective regions in which each band member lives. The stimulus for the lyrics was actually Greta Thunberg’s infamous climate plea to world leaders, a theme which is extrapolated throughout the video. As lead vocalist Roy Khan states, ‘This was an issue we felt we had to add our voice to; for example the woods that form the backdrop to my scenes are already in a state of pollution-derived terminal decline. By highlighting this magnificent natural beauty, we hope to empower others to help preserve it for all generations to come.’ The beauty of the scenery (not to mention the band shooting some scenes in temperatures lower than 20 degrees below zero!) serves as a reminder as to our obligation both to respect our planet, and to act decisively now before it is too late.

Artist: DOPPELHANDEL – Track: Acqua Fresca

The name of the group, which could be translated from German as “double game”, refers to nuance and duality, fascinating themes for the pair. Logically, the sound of DOPPELHANDEL also fluctuates between various tones, and sometimes even contrasting ones. Thus, the duo offers both melancholy, even gloomy scenes, and others more joyful and festive, with texts in French, English and Italian.

Artist: The Blue News – Track: Stay Gone For Good

The combined exposure of these song placements, along with playing live shows from 2006-2012, led the band to reach over 1 million streams for their top 5 songs on YouTube and Spotify in 2019. After an 8-year break from performing live shows, The Blue News is now rehearsing for upcoming North American tour dates in 2021

No Komment – Woman Like You

“Woman Like You” is a light and fun melodic song about chasing a girl, perfect for a summer coming out of a pandemic and a year that has had its fair share of heavy and dark moments. What’s most exciting, however, is the music video – a culmination of childhood friendship, the video is produced, directed, shot and edited by people No Komment knew since he was 6-7 years old. This is as authentic as it gets, something people will truly resonate with in this day and age. The instrumental has a throwback vibe with an old soul sample, and the video really leans into it with a 50s/70s/90s theme. This song is not just prime for engagement due to the quality of the music and video, but that it also lends itself to viral moments, and something people can draw more out of than just the song.

Artist: MJ Wemoto – Track: Vari Rude

This is an infectiously catchy Afro Drill track where MJ Wemoto takes the persona of an OG that says young’ns these days don’t have any respect. This is why the song is called ‘Vari Rude’ meaning ‘They Are Rude’ in the Shona language from Zimbabwe. The tracks features SiCoZW who is MJ Wemoto’s blood brother with a 13 year age gap. SiCoZW defends the young’ns on the track saying they are misunderstood, not rude.

Artist: Eliza G – Track: Panda Chef vs. that sinking suspicion that none of this is actually real

While looking at a board of old polaroid photos, Panda Chef begins to dissociate and lose grip on reality. They feel as though they are perpetually falling, spiraling, floating, in an endless abyss, even when surrounded by the things they love. The scene cuts abruptly to a shot of them peppering a pot of soup in slow motion, an out of body experience. Questions of identity swirl and haunt as the only text repeated by my disembodied voice are “Panda Chef”; unedited, time stretched and reversed. The beat samples kitchen utensils and appliances to juxtapose lucidity with the disorienting liminal space.

Mageia release “My Mirror” video

FFO: The Devil’s Blood, Blood Ceremony, Ghost

Mageia, the brainchild of singer/Songwriter Liza Kay has released a video for the track “My Mirror”. The song is taken from the band’s self-titled album, which was recently released via Lion Records. Liza commented that the album “reflects a spiritual journey inspired by personal experiences.”

will.i.am, Cozmic, MC Yogi & more to perform at To India with Love 5/23

As the COVID-19 crisis raging in India sets record death tolls, the world watches from afar. #ToIndiaWithLove will be a week-long impact campaign ending with a benefit concert, sending a message of hope and solidarity with the people of India during this incredibly trying time. The event will be a fundraiser for the International Association of Human Values and its network of 10,000s of volunteers on the ground in India, so they can get supplies to high-need communities, establish COVID care centers and provide and mental health programs during this challenging time around the country. IAHV is hosting a benefit concert May 23rd at 3pm ET.

Kilter (Metal jazz) release video for Sentient Robotics

Metal jazz trio KILTER have released a stunning video for their song “Sentient Robotics” via Ghost Cult Magazine. The song is from their upcoming EP “Sys” which will be released in June.

Bassist Laurent David commented – “Sentient Robotics » is the very first music video of 3, included in SYS, the new Kilter’s EP. Artificial intelligence and human consciousness will be closer and closer in the future and that’s the topic we wanted to talk about in this new release.

Bible Black – New Autumn Owls Single

After five years in the Middle East, Gary McFarlane returned home to Ireland to spend Christmas with family before a planned move to Asia in 2020. But with borders suddenly closed and flights grounded, he found himself once again back at Insomnia Lodge—a converted recording space in Dublin at the back of his family home. The result, Three Winters in the Capital, the first Autumn Owls album in three years. Set for release on May 28th, the second single, Bible Black, is out now.

Ready for broadcast… Song For My Mother from American soul / jazz pioneer The Sax Therapist

The Sax Therapist is a self-taught saxophonist from the far Southside of Chicago. Before he picked up the moniker, Traysee J Leonard was involved in music at an early age, singing and playing saxophone at church and in school. The moment he picked up the sax, the two were inseparable!

Portland August New Album ‘On God Vomit’

Portland August is the musical alias of Caleb Washburn, a Dallas-born artist, who’s versatile, dynamic, genre-bending compositions fortify his independence. Never afraid to reach further into the creative abyss, Portland’s sound can be described as raw, detached, and experimental.

On God Vomit is a grungy, raw display of sorrow. Drawing comparisons to King Krule, Portland takes inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Clams Casino, Tame Impala, and anything in between. Portland does everything from writing to mixing himself.

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