@skopemag news – thursday – may 20, 2021 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – thursday – may 20, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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display, the Social That Pays, Announces displayFest Headliners and an A-List Roster of Performances to Continue Virtual Concert Series

display, the social that pays, today announces phase two of its displayFest lineup packed with a final two weeks of celebrity performances, interactive game shows and up to $2 million in cash prize giveaways. Since the beginning of May, the virtual concert series has taken off bringing the app to more than 2 million users. The A-list roster continues into the 3rd and 4th week of the 30-day app launch event, featuring exclusive live performances from world famous Saweetie, DJ Snoopadelic and Rick Ross as well as Lil Pump, Neek Bucks and other chart-topping artists.

To tune into displayFest, user can open their display app daily from 6-10pm ET and select the displayTV icon in the top left corner. All content is free to enjoy. Each weeknight, Sarah Pribis, former host of viral trivia app HQ, will lead interactive question and answer style games with real cash prizes ranging from $10,000 to as much as $100,000. Throughout displayFest, users can win up to $2 million in cash prizes.

JEFFE shares new single and video for ‘Home’

JEFFE’s new single “Home” is an exquisite slice of pop that intravenously injects the emotional aesthetics of Robyn and LCD Soundsystem straight into the main vein. Premiered on triple J’s Home & Hosed on Monday night, one year after suddenly, JEFFE who was making a name for herself in East London was yanked by the scruff of her neck back to whence she came in March 2020. At first, the prognosis wasn’t good. JEFFE’s ‘Home’, born from duelling frustrations around space and time, heard in the isolated bass and siren synths that usher in ‘Home’, the sound of sirens and drones, uneasiness and unpredictability.

BUFFY returns with follow up single + video for ‘Dance Alone’

Written in the strictest era of COVID-19 lockdowns, BUFFY explores themes of forced loneliness in a time where company was needed more than ever and learning to find that company within yourself. “We’ve always danced by ourselves, in our bedrooms and living rooms, just now we’ve been forced to dance alone more than ever.” – BUFFY. The single has an impressive list of collaborators including Rory Grounds (Carla Wehbe), who produced the single, and ARIA winning mixer Peter Holz (Alice Ivy, Peking Duck, Kinder).

Video Premiere: BUFFY Revels In Loneliness On Sophomore Track and Clip For ‘Dance Alone’


“This record is a documentation and celebration of the lessons I have learned about love, life and my unremitting passion for music as I’ve stepped into my early twenties. It is beautiful how much you change your mind throughout those formative years; things can always be seen from a different perspective, and when you’re immersed in incredible opportunities that see you travelling the world, falling in and out of love, and losing your sense of independence only for it to return stronger than ever before, it is only natural that your view of yourself and the world will be refined when you wake up, and begin to look around” says Gretta of her debut collection.


Amy Macdonald’s Top 10 album ‘The Human Demands’ was released late last year, but its profile remains as strong as ever. Amy has constantly found new ways of shining new light on the record, whether it’s with stripped back acoustic recordings or an in-depth track-by-track introduction to each song. Over six months on, it’s still reaching new audiences – notably with the recent single ‘Statues’, which spent a phenomenal six weeks on Radio 2’s A-list.

The Sonic Overlords unveil music video for “Utopia”

THE SONIC OVERLORDS have unleashed another taste of melodic rock majesty and thunderous doom via the music video for their new single, “Utopia”, which metal.de has already described as “hard rock/heavy metal which is heavily inspired by the past and pleasantly free of clichés.”

Al Matcott shares debut single “Mediocre”

Today, Australian songwriter Al Matcott has announced details of his highly anticipated debut single “Mediocre”. The single is taken from his forthcoming EP “You Can Be Anyone”, which is out 6th August via Al’s own imprint Skip Hero Records.

“Awkward Pop” pioneer Belot delivers her shimmering new single ‘Kiss You’, out today

Following up the release of her stellar offering ‘Bed’ earlier this year, which has since been supported by BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and BBC Introducing, online tastemakers The Line Of Best Fit, Earmilk, Beats Per Minute, Official Charts, When The Horn Blows, and Record of the Day, and landing on Spotify’s ‘Dance Revolution’, Tidal’s ‘Future Sounds’, and Deezer’s ‘Radar Weekly’ playlists, “awkward pop” pioneer Belot is back once again to share her latest shimmering single ‘Kiss You’.

WATCH – 17-Year-Old Rock Pop Singer Viia, Shares Official Video For Debut Single ‘Falling’ Out Now Via Platoon

Seventeen-year-old, singer-songwriter Viia reveals her brilliant official video for her debut track ’Falling’ – premiered with 1883 Magazine, it is available to watch now via Platoon.

A collaboration with fellow Darlington creative and friend Ethan Fenton – Viia’s confidence radiates through the intimate, DIY feel of the visual. The use of fisheye lenses, a projector to play with the lighting, and dark gritty grading, makes this video the perfect pairing to her first release.

Elgin share brand new video for ‘Stone’s Throw’

‘Stone’s Throw’ is an emotive song of personal reflection on the more solemn points in life, yet the message is uplifted with anthemic musicality in a huge soaring chorus of beautiful vocal harmonies awash with glorious keys. The accompanying video accents its emotional nature, featuring a beautifully choreographed dance from Aiobhinn O Dea that portrays a search for stability.

New Music Leveland debut single ‘National Treasure’ – 20.05.21

A shimmering cut of brooding alternative indie, with hints of dreamy nostalgia, ‘National Treasure’ delivers an evocative soundscape of shiny, harmony-laden guitar and richly textured percussion. The introspective lyrics reflect on the stalemate situation of a relationship through a series of bleak yet playful imagery.

NGAIIRE Shares New Single ‘Closer’ From Upcoming Album ‘3’

Since the recent announcement of signing to Dot Dash Recordings & Remote Control Records in Australia, Sydney-based future soul darling NGAIIRE has also joined the roster at Majestic Casual. Her new single, titled ‘Closer’, is co-written with Japanese Wallpaper and Jack Grace, and taken from an upcoming album, ‘3’. The single is due for release on May 20th via Majestic Casual.

Maddox Jones – “Can’t Wait for the Summer”

A breezy and bittersweet ode to simpler times, the track captures in song our collective desire to escape the trials and tribulations of the past year and enjoy carefree summer days once again. Jones’ latest single sees the singer-songwriter reminiscing about romantic memories over a vibrant palette of guitar, synths and vocal harmonies, as he recalls “dreaming the day away into an 8-track recorder, wishing you were mine”. Masterfully bringing together a carefree pop vibe with subtle notes of nostalgia, Maddox Jones is helping the nation push through these final few weeks of lockdown with “Can’t Wait for the Summer”.

Neo-Soul Artist Louis Baker Returns With New Single & Video ‘Brighter Day’, Announces New EP ‘Love Levitates’

Drawing inspiration from his grandfather experiences in the Māori Battalion during World War II, ‘Brighter Day’ is an uplifting and heart-tugging cut, featuring sparkling rhodes keys, Motown-styled guitar stabs, and punchy bass lines. A warm, soulful groove, with Louis distinctive vocals delivering his message of hope for future generations.


Following on from the unapologetic “Voices”, the anthemic “Grow Up”, the candid “Right Here With Me”, the vicious “A Shortcut”, the dynamic “Dopamine”, the seething “Don’t Run Your Mouth” and the raw and straight-out “Mother Tucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick”, UK pop-punk/metalcore quartet Octopus Montage releases yet another installment off the band’s just recently released debut full-length album (“How To Live & How To Lose) – the angry and direct “Vendetta”! Accurately comprising all of the already established distinctive features of the formation’s music profile, “Vendetta” continues to solidify Octopus Montage’s talent to create diversified compositions that are not burdened by any conventional genre-boundaries, which creates another indication about the nature of the content available in the group’s album as well!

Vanessa Gimenez releases debut single “Make It Rain”

Vanessa Gimenez today releases her debut single “Make It Rain”, the first new music to be heard from Gimenez following the disbandment of her previous project Swimming Girls.

Moving from band leader to solo artist with consummate ease – Vanessa Gimenez’s debut single “Make It Rain” is an instantly captivating first offering.