How to Get the Beautiful Hair Look?

Jerry curl wig is a curly wig that has cute curls and looks like African American women’s hair. So this type of jerry curl wig human hair is popular and welcomed by many black girls. Boujee Barbie, a famous You Tuber has bought Nadula Jerry curl human hair wig, and here, she will show how to install it step by step.

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  1. Introduce the Jerry Curl Wig

Today I’m back with another wig install. I’m wearing the Nadula hair 24-inch jerry curl wig, super cute. So if you like this jerry curl lace wig, go ahead and purchase it. Let’s go ahead and get into the video.

  1. Placed on the Jerry Curl Wig

First, just get a replacement cap. You cover the new cap together with your color foundation. Your color powder foundation should be exact then you set it on the lace also. I would like to place the jerry curl lace front wig on and adjust it to my head, and then cut the lace on the edges.

  1. Dry and Press the Lace

When I start blow-drying like this, what I’m doing is pressing the lace and therefore the hair into the merchandise, in order that it’ll stick with the merchandise. Right here I’m just using my hot comb to maneuver the flyaway out away.

  1. Use the Wax

Okay. So once I cut the lace on the side, I’m getting to take my wax stick. I can move the flyaway’s out of the way in order that they’re going to not be a problem once I start laying my lace. Let’s examine what I’m getting to do after this. It takes my baby mousse which is out there on my website, and I am getting to put that around the hairline also. I need to be free to spray and blows dry it until it’s tacky.

  1. Reviews of This Cut Jerry Curly Wig

I love wearing curly hair and I really like installing Nadula jerry curly wigs if you’re keen on this jerry curl human hair wig like I do, just check out me. So cute this wig is, just amazing. If you’re keen on this wig do not be bound to inspect the links in my description. Inspect the coupon code also to save lots of some money. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and that I will see y’all within the next one.

  1. Cut the Lace of the Jerry Curl Wig

I can start cutting my lace and that I don’t need to chop any hair off so that’s why I’m doing this. Then I’m getting to get into basically cutting the lace. I always wish I do know to only follow the hairline and cut during a zigzag motion confirm you do not cut straight across. So once you narrow the lace, if you’ve got any pieces of lace still like sticking up that didn’t like to lie down, just take your freeze-frame, your hand blower and blow dry on a cool setting.

  1. Plucking the Baby Hair of the Jerry Curl Wig

Now next few tips I’m just getting to be performing some plucking. I’m laying my baby hairs also, so once I start plucking, what I do is cool. I part out the layers of hair from the front around the hairline. Now I’m getting to comb out the hair because I did tons of plugs. So I even have to comb out all the hair. That you simply know is not any longer a part of this jerry curly human hair wig. For more detail please click here

  1. Do the center Of the Jerry Curl Wig

Then I’m getting to plow ahead and do my middle part. Then, always make certain to pluck your parts. Okay, whether it is the middle part, side part, whatever quiet part it’s, always remember to cook and to get my edges. The merchandise I’m using is my baby mousse. Of course, it’s available on my website, so go and obtain that again.

  1. Spray the Hair with Conditioner

Now I’m just getting to just be spraying the hair down with water and conditioner. Combing through it in order that you’ll get during the hair. Then that’s just about it like when you’re installing the curly lace closure wig. It doesn’t take long in the least.

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