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Today, rapper Tee Grizzley releases the music video for “Built To Last” from his album Built For Whatever released on Friday. On “Built To Last” Tee’s knack for storytelling is on full display as he details the birth of his son, his brother going to jail, and the obstacles he has faced and overcome. Staying in line with the album title Tee stands true that in life no only is he built for whatever but he’s also built to last.

Homelessness and Domestic Violence addressed in the new video from Flora Cash

Platinum certified indie pop duo Flora Cash today premiere a new video, “Bright Lights” via the Swedish/American duo’s own Flower Money Records at YouTube. The video deals violence towards women and homelessness.


“No Hard Feelings” is the sound of a moment of clarity, a bouncing guitar line intertwining with Ellie Rowsell’s vocals. Speaking on the track Rowsell says, “I started out trying to make a really cheesy almost Motown-y, Ronettes kind of song about the end of a relationship, and feeling ‘What’s the point of being miserable about it?’ But it was short, because originally it was played so fast. I tried to make it longer, but I didn’t have any more words — I had said everything I wanted to say perfectly, and didn’t want to ruin it with more. So instead we slowed it down, and I felt way more moved by it like that.”

Eternal Struggle – New video ”Manifesto/Point One” out now !

“Year of the Gun” will debut on June 4th through Upstate Records in the US and Demons Run Amok in Europe with worldwide digital distribution through Blood Blast Distribution. Produced by Brian “Mitts” Daniels (Madball, Skarhead) and mastered by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Suicide Silence, The Haunted), “Year of the Gun” is a sonic barrage of aggressive familiarity that is sure to get your blood pumping.

Japanese band waterweed release video for ‘Kingdom’

Since the early 2000s, waterweed have been pioneers of Japan’s screamo and post-hardcore scenes. Today (May 12), waterweed have released ‘Deep inside + Unknown best’, a 15-song single and best-of album that includes their track ‘Deep Inside’, which is the ending theme to the popular anime series ‘Kingdom’. A music video for ‘Deep Inside’ was also released today.

French band La Femme debut “Foreigner” video, highly acclaimed ‘Paradigmes’ LP out now

“One day or another, we all end up feeling like a foreigner,” says Sacha Got, “In this video, you will meet this fake band visiting Paris: on bateaux-mouches, in front of the Eiffel Tower…This is cheesy as can be, because it feels good when it feels foolish!” The video continues to reveal excerpts from their impending full-length feature film, set for release in the fall.

ODD CIRCUS: Improvisational Avant-Rock Conjurors To Release Arch Nova EP June 25th

Avant-rock trio ODD CIRCUS will release their Arch Nova EP on June 25th. Compiled from free improvisations performed live from July 22nd to July 30th, 2020, Arch Nova follows the recent release of the band’s critically lauded Mantha EP and serves as the second installment of a planned EP series.

Theo Tams shares new video for track “Jekyll Hyde Love”

Theo Tams’ recent string of singles have redefined him as an artist. The music drowns the senses, oozing with intimate lyrics and style, and his sinewy vocals bear the listener through plush soundscapes. He is unapologetically himself as he demonstrates a remarkable command of R&B-laced pop music, his powerful voice the unwavering guiding light.

LA indie rock duo Pacer share melancholy “Waiting For The Punch”

“Waiting For The Punch is a song about dealing with loss before it actually happens. It’s about hope, memory, regret, and how we all try to make sense of things that are impossible for us to understand. I heard a musician being interviewed say that sometimes, songwriting allows you to access wisdom and clarity that would otherwise take you years to achieve on your own. On a personal level, that’s definitely true of this song as putting it together helped us through some very dark, difficult times.”