Dark Pop Songstress Bara Hari Announces Her New EP “Dark New Day”. Releases New Music Video

Dark Pop songstress Bara Hari, announces the release of her new EP “Dark New Day”.

Bara Hari started writing “Dark New Day” in April of 2020 under less than desirable circumstances and humble beginnings. Armed with only a computer and a midi controller shoved in the corner of her kitchen, she was determined to get what she was feeling out. “Dark New Day” deals with sexual assault, and its aftermath. Dealing with the loss of friendship, and wanting to watch the world burn.

The connecting thread was the deep disappointment felt towards humanity. In searching for ways to deal with this she found solace in sitting down to write “Dark New Day”, which helped cope with it all and let it go. The album is produced and written by Bara Hari, with input from her engineer Ian Flux of Monican Audio. Ian also contributed all of the guitar work that you hear in the track “No Hope.”