New Video Eveline “Waiting For The Summer”

When it comes to creating, there is no bar for Israeli pop singer Eveline. She takes the wheel and steers it with complete autonomy, finding inspiration and motivation externally and internally and from past and present. She’s not only a creator but a performer and choreographer just as passionately. This drive was prompted by the king of pop himself, the legendary Michael Jackson. It was the “Black Or White” music video that started it all; you can even spot Eveline performing MJ’s best moves at family events and parties. Her school years were filled with music-based extracurriculars like playing the keyboard, composing, and writing music. Eveline even authored and published her own children’s book, Teddy and Mandy. The singer’s lighthearted and exuberant nature rubs off on fans instantaneously. With her music, she aspires to make you dance and smile all day and all night.

Everyone’s itching for the warmth to hit our bare skin, the chance to flaunt their new swimsuits on a crowded beach, and the bright zeal that is an added bonus from the prolonged sunshine. Summertime: it’s what we’re (im)patiently on the edge of our seats for. The random spikes of warm days followed by typical winter conditions are enough of a tease to prepare us for the summer. Eveline is yearning for the hotter months so much she’s made a music video to showcase her anticipation; “Waiting For The Summer” is self-explanatory and a breath of fresh (ocean) air. She takes you to the stunning beaches of the Middle East, a balcony of a resort, coastal edges, and – appropriately – a club dance floor. The dance track has a momentous build-up with a sweet release that pursues; it certainly is a long-overdue anthem. No matter where your summer plans take you, make sure you “rest by the ocean and spend time with the people you love the most.”