EDM superstars Tritonal return with their first album inspired by yoga & meditation

One of the most successful electronic music duos of the past decade counting more than 1 billion streams, Tritonal return with a completely different kind of release. Born from a desire to create a space for mindfulness and contemplation in these unprecedented times, their new album ‘Reverence’ is more meditative record, inspired by artists like Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Ólafur Arnalds and the band members’ deeply personal spiritual journeys. This is the first album Tritonal has ever conceived of and manifested as one unified piece of music, with no breaks between the audio tracks. Musically speaking, every movement is a harmonic counterpart of the previous movement — as they move around the circle of 5ths while simultaneously automating tempo and meter changes.

Audio link: https://tritonal.ffm.to/reverence

Tritonal’s Chad Cisneros’ explains the genesis of the project: ‘I suppose we begin in early March of 2020. We were forced to announce the cancellation of a long-awaited return to the Ultra Music Festival along with every show on our upcoming ‘Long Way Home Tour,’ which ended up never leaving home. Looking back, it’s so funny to think how we thought “oh this will be over by early summer and we’ll just reschedule.” By the middle of summer, like so many of you around the planet, we were grieving. We were grieving the loss of our brothers and sisters, we were grieving the divisiveness of the political climate, we were grieving the loss of the ability to do what we love doing so much – play music.’