What are the most healthy & delicious meat alternatives?

Our eating habits are changing and doing so at an unprecedented rate. The population the world over is becoming increasingly more vegetarian and vegan, even the staunchly meat-based western diet is undergoing massive change. There are many reasons for this but first, and foremost is an acknowledgment of the damage that modern farming techniques are having on the planet, the climate, and our collective future.

Because of this, the quality, ease, and variety of non-meat foods available are the best it has ever been and even the most food fickle families are finding it easy to switch to meat substitutes such as Quorn and plant-based alternatives. And not only are such choices becoming popular choices but they are also being marketed as being the cool and responsible option.

At one extreme some foods don’t claim to imitate meat, bean burgers, halloumi burgers, processed jackfruit, and mushroom stakes. On the other, there are plant-based options that try to simulate the taste and texture of meat and do so brilliantly. Even take-out services are embracing this new cuisine choice and it is as easy to find a good vegan delivery service as it is the traditional burger or chicken wings options.

And if you find yourself on the business end of these changes, then the time is right to move away from traditional burger bar options or traditional dining menus. Not too many years ago, the non-meat option was a small add-on at the bottom of the menu, today cafes and restaurants that cater exclusively to such dining options are much sought after. Perhaps now is the time to redirect the theme of your diner, turn that sensible, mainstream cafe into a cool hipster hang-out serving super-food salads and meat substitutes alongside a fancy coffee or herbal tea.

Knock the building through with gauges into an open plan cool space with all the trappings, plants, artwork, underground music gently humming away in the background, and of course cashless transactions systems and loyalty cards and go to this website.

The move towards vegetarianism and veganism is here to stay and the future for catering businesses, shops and markets, take-out, and home delivery services is to embrace that change. For once, this feels like a real and more harmonious step towards a better world.