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Manchester Orchestra release new single/video ‘Telepath’

“A record that feels dynamic and vital–while still respecting the band’s legacy so far–The Million Masks of God is astonishing” – DIY Mag

Manchester Orchestra today released ‘Telepath’, the third and final single from their forthcoming new album, The Million Masks of God, out this Friday, April 30th (Loma Vista Recordings).


20-year-old singer-songwriter Katy for Kings has been independently building a growing reputation for her emotive voice and folk-pop songwriting. Those traits have sparked the first flourishes of a growing fan base, helped by support from BBC Introducing, a songwriting challenge hosted by social media sensation Emily Canham, and her home-filmed takes on songs by Madison Beer and Billie Eilish.

Shady Nasty (Royal Mountain Records, ffo Show Me The Body) | Share new single

The band released their previous EP, “Bad Posture” in early 2020 on Royal Mountain and Inertia earning quite a bit of attention from spots like FADER, Stereogum, NME, Paste and Kerrang. Their sound has some similarities to what Show Me The Body do insofar as they drive at an intersection of hardcore, hip hop and post-punk, though they arrive at a pretty different point on the curve, and frontman Kevin Stathis has a really unique and truly commanding presence as a vocalist.

Scott Matthews interlaces melancholy and euphoria with vintage-electro ‘Wait In The Car’

New Skin. It’s not just a title. It’s a state of mind, an accurate summation of the position in which Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter Scott Matthews finds himself with the release of his seventh studio album on May 14th 2021.

The man who specialises in conveying the emotional complexities of love and loss in sparse, warm-hearted acoustic songs has shed another skin. Reborn in a new guise, circumstances have forced fundamental reinvention.


Paired with the slick electro-soul production of “Phone Dies” by .Paak, Andra’s vocals radiate a heart-melting warmth. “This must sound crazy, but be my baby,” she coos, letting a brassy fanfare carry her into the chorus. “It’s so amazing, being my baby. I’ll let you feel these vibes until my phone dies.” She can’t stay for too long—but she’ll make sure you have the time of your life.

Parody Metal Powerhouse NANOWAR OF STEEL Releases New Single “Der Fluch des Kapt’n Iglo”, New Album Announced

Parody Metal aficionados NANOWAR OF STEEL, previously made waves by retiring from metal and transforming into a pop boygroup. Now they are ready to officially announce their comeback of their beloved comedy infused parody metal, releasing their new single and video for „Der Fluch des Kapt’n Iglo“ (engl. „The Curse Of Captain Findus“) today! With several millions of cross-platform streams and views racking up from all over the world, NANOWAR OF STEEL have proven themselves to be the torchbearers of modern parody metal! „Der Fluch des Käptn Iglo“ is an homage to the all beloved fried dish fishsticks by Captain Findus, accompanied by speedy accordions and pirate-y vocals, and performed entirely in German by bassist Gatto Panceri 666!

jopippins presents his new Cyber-Space themed anthem ‘otw’

‘otw’ is the latest sonic adventure by North Carolina’s jopippins, a multi-talented artist who has been referred to as “equal parts Lil Uzi Vert and Thundercat”.

This time he delivers an alternative hip hop record complete with emotive, dreamy electric piano chords laid over a punchy 808 drum pattern. With the combination of jo’s signature production, lyricism and creative direction, it’s clear that his newest offering is meant for bringing people together. The triumphant chorus “I’m with the gang and yeah we on the way” not only tells a story of upward mobility, but also loyalty and friendship as well.

ISLAND share new single “My Brother” | Out now on Frenchkiss Records

Following on from their direct and cacophonous recent single “Everyone’s The Same”, the new track perfectly exemplifies the band’s ability to further develop and build upon the dynamics of their shimmering, dulcet indie-pop sensibilities. “My Brother” combines expansive and evocatively effected guitars with atmospheric instrumentation, and a ruminative yet anthemic vocal, which leans into a theme of nostalgia that is at once poignant and sanguine.

“Mysterium” by Wreche now on all streaming platforms

Wreche, a high stakes challenger of the metal genre returns with a violent haymaker on All my dreams came true. A colossal masterpiece, this album sees John Steven Morgan working alone – more unhinged, personal, and varied than on Weche’s 2017 eponymous debut w/ drummer Barret Baumgart. At once horrifying and beautiful, All my dreams came true further binds genres like a particle accelerator – an absolutely devastating collision, a nebulaic nightmare of spackled iridescent light and void-lusting despair. Morgan’s brilliant songwriting and narrative structure, equally matched by his virtuosic performances on every instrument (piano, drums, vocals and synths) make this album something to seriously reckon with.

Wreche Premieres Entrancing New Track Of Guitar-less Black Metal — Listen Here!


Richmond, VA’s McKinley Dixon today shared “Bless The Child,” the fourth and final advance single off his new album, For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her, out May 7th via Spacebomb Records. The sonically diverse track features strings and harmonic melodies, and builds steadily to a whirling, high-energy bridge and powerful closing verse; watch the dynamic, one take video of an abbreviated version of the song.

Marty Stuart Shares New Song “One In A Row”

Stuart shares about the song:

Willie Nelson wrote this in the mid-1960s. The song originally appeared on an RCA Victor album entitled Make Way for Willie Nelson. The recording is seemingly a portrait of a man in motion, headed toward barely explored worlds of wonder that lie waiting deep within his soul. The musical treatment given to “Willie’s One in a Row” by Nashville’s legendary “A” Team of musicians is no less than exquisite musical architecture, pure perfection. But it’s the idea, the words, and the soul of the poet that’s truly the thing to behold here. Willie and his words have always mattered. His songs take up very little space on a piece of paper. However, his words have a way of making their way into your heart and then sticking around for a lifetime. That’s the story with “One in a Row.” I first heard it at least twenty years ago. I loved it, and the song has followed me around ever since. I think of it as an old friend, same as Willie. It’s a friend for the ages, and an excellent song to sing in the dark.

Abby K is Back with Her New Single “PAY ATTENTION”

Abby K is back and defining herself to say it is MY time. I am taking control and you will hear me! “Pay Attention” is a rock anthem delivered to the proverbial board of trustees as if to say- “I know what I want, I know what I am doing, NOW listen because I have the rock and I need to roll. Nothing you say or do is taking me off my drive!” Clearly, Abby K is making her statement and it is time for the music insiders to “Pay Attention”!

Without a doubt, Abby K is a strong female-fronted hard rock/metal band continuing to blaze the trail like Lzzy Hale, Lita Ford, and other great female rockers have!

Rockshots Records: KARPENTER Unleashes Army of Darkness Inspired Music Video “The Manor”

“The Manor” is like an endless battle that brings many emotions to the table. We conceived it as a struggle to defend what’s most important to us, in an everlasting balance between win and loss, triumphant metal rides, and bitter melodic chords. “The Manor” is a hymn to revenge and it is set in a fictitious “dark era” that might evoke the Middle Ages. It sounds so powerful and punchy that we couldn’t prevent it from spreading so fiercely.”

Counting Crows return with new record ‘Butter Miracle, Suite One’

The first single, ‘Elevator Boots’, is a glam look at life on the road in a band, awash in the thrill, the isolation, and the cleansing power of rock and roll. Written by lead singer Adam Duritz whilst living in the UK last year, the track personifies what it means to spend your life tuned into the one thing that means the most to you even as, at times, it leaves you a little out of tune with the rest of the world.


The Georgia-born, Los Angeles-based pop visionary Terrell Hines returns today with the colorful, genre-busting new single “Who Do You Love?.” Vibrant and bright, the track finds Hines offering a thoughtful meditation on the state of the world and pressing onward in hard times. The track is the first single from Hines’ debut album, Polyglot, due out this summer. Additionally, Netflix has used the track as the synch for their latest marketing campaign, a summer movie preview which highlights new and upcoming films releasing now through August.

Marinero shares new single “Outerlands” the latest offering from ‘Hella Love’

On May 21st, Hardly Art will release Hella Love, the label debut from Marinero (aka Jess Sylvester). Hella Love is an album about closing a chapter, with care and presence. It is a love letter to the Bay Area, where he grew up before relocating to Los Angeles. Marinero’s latest single, “Outerlands” is reminiscent of early 70’s Santana, with a mix of sweeping Burt Bacharach-inspired string and horn arrangements. The song itself is about the San Francisco neighborhood, the Outer Richmond, where Sylvester lived for over 10 years. “It was a way for me to talk about leaving a home that I had become very comfortable in, while trying to capture a feel from the coastal gray and rolling pastel houses of the area” he shares.

The Chimpz Release New Music Video “Corrupt”

Hailing from Los Angeles,CA, The Chimpz have brought their driving, rock hopping genre sound to the masses. THE CHIMPZ are back again and they are celebrating the ten year anniversary of their EP “Who Can I Trust” which was released back in 2011. Recorded, mixed, arranged, and produced by Ryan Green at Crush Recording. They celebrate the anniversary with the release of their new video “Corrupt” filmed at Tiger Lab studios and drone footage by Neal Walter.

Canadian RnB / Soul Artist TY RICHARD is Hitting “Restart” in New Single, featuring Liv Marie

Canadian soul-R&B artist Ty Richard is hitting “Restart” with this, his newly released single — available now!

Slicing through with a superbly polished sound, gloriously minimalistic arrangement, sparse mix, and brilliant engineering, this superb duo — featuring Liv Marie — is a preview into the Toronto-area artist’s forthcoming 2021 LP, In Time & Grace, and follows previous tour and studio collaborations with Brooklyn dream-pop outfit Cigarettes After Sex and Australian soul duo Breathe.

THY CATAFALQUE Reveals New Single, “Szarvas”

Mastermind Tamás Kátai comments on the new album and track: “This is our second song from the album and it’s much darker in tone. Clean vocals are by Gábor Dudás from our fellow Hungarians, Reason and well, you can hear Martina as well somewhere in the background. She’ll be here in her full prime for the next song, I promise.”

UK Thrash Metal Powerhouse EVILE Releases Video for New Single “The Thing (1982)”!

This Friday, April 30 will see British thrash metal heavyweights EVILE release their brand new studio album, Hell Unleashed, via Napalm Records – the band’s first album in eight long years! Since their formation in 2004, EVILE have been turning heads and taking names, delivering four pure thrash offerings blended with an uncompromising death metal assault. Hell Unleashed, the long-awaited successor to their 2013 release Skull, will make no exception – but this time, the album features a new exciting line-up formation of Ol Drake on vocals/guitars and new member Adam Smith of RipTide as rhythm guitarist.

Paul Jacobs of Pottery shares “Christopher Robbins” video, album out this week

“This song’s about working for the man and doing what you gotta do to pay the bills until you find out what’s next,” explains Jacobs.

check out my latest single “somebody else”

“Somebody Else” is a song I wrote at a time when I didn’t feel like I fit into the industry, look wise. I had this skewed idea of what Hollywood was and I think that’s because I surrounded myself with people who made me feel like I had to be something that I wasn’t.

Shady Nasty (Royal Mountain) return with new single “IBIZA”

The band explains that “”IBIZA” sits at the lavish intersection between vlogging, gymming, clubbing and clout. From binge-watching Mike Thurston & Jake Paul on Youtube to blasting Guetta & Avicii in the Uber; from rounds of vodka raspberries at the Ivy to luxury shopping sprees at Westfield; “IBIZA” is a menacing ode to the extravagant sounds, aesthetics and cultures that are typically rejected by counterculture.”