Rene Bonét Releases New Visual for “No Dot Com”

Rene Bonét a.k.a Bully Barbé hits us with a new visual for one of her newest singles off the self-titled EP “Bully Barbé”. The video for “No Dot Com” is full of color, energy, and visual effects that keep you guessing. For this visual she linked up with creative director and music producer Weku Did That to bring all of her ideas to life. This is the first official video for Bully Barbé, which is the alter ego of Rene Bonét. I see Bully Barbé as a female Lenny Kravitz in her style and delivery. She is a full-blown rockstar, sporting black leather pants, fishnet stockings, garter belts, and chokers in the video, and it can not be denied that we are getting a completely different artist, great in her own way and carving out her own lane.

IG: @renebonet

Shot in one of Atlanta’s premier creative film studios, Studio Space Atlanta, you can definitely tell that pristine quality was achieved. I found out that over 30 hours of editing went into the completion of the video, with Rene being there to oversee every part of it, just to make sure it came out exactly how she wanted. The visual never gets boring and when it’s over you are left with this feeling of “I want more”! With that being said the video is pure entertainment, full of energy and authenticity. The video had a nice pace in its transitions with just the right amount of special effects to where you could fully appreciate the creativity that went into the video. She is setting a mark as far as music and artist visuals are concerned!