Meghan Pulles Heals Us With Hope In Single ‘New Horizon’

I have never heard the term ’emo-positive’ before, yet the self-coined term by Meghan Pulles encapsulates the spirit, heart and emotion of her music perfectly. What struck me most when delving through the singer-songwriters repertoire was the unwavering authentic and honest feel that engulfs you in each song. Since the age of seventeen, Meghan Pulles has been penning her truth in luscious lyrics and pouring her heart into her intensely touching tracks. Having been a classically trained opera singer, Meghan changed course after being awakened to the power of musical healing. ‘Music is medicine’ is a well-known phrase, yet Meghan embodies this truth through each mesmerising melody and lyrical lament. Her latest single ‘New Horizon’ comes off the back of the widely successful track ‘ghost of sound’. With over 11,000 streams on that single alone, it’s no question that Meghan Pulles is emotionally empowering and healing hearts all over the world. I have no doubt her latest single ‘New Horizon’ will do the same.

‘New Horizon’ is the innately empowering and emotionally explosive track set to get us in our groove this summer. It features the production expertise of Craig Sayer. At the heart of this sensational single is the hook, “I’m going to a new horizon” – what a message. Meghan’s raw yet vibrant vocals translate this optimism as an acoustic soundscape lays a beautiful foundation below. Stunning string lines complement Meghan’s warm tone effortlessly as countermelodies flow between Meghan’s relatable refrains. ‘New Horizon’ boasts a beautiful folky feel. This is a track sculpted to swim through your speakers on full blast when you need a reminder that there’s a wonderful world out there, moving on is okay and that starting over is not only an option but a beautiful part of life. So as summer creeps over the clouds, I would highly recommend letting Meghan Pulles serenade you into a sense of spiritual security as we all begin to see normal life begin to creep over the horizon.


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By Sasha Lauryn