Georgia Lines Showcases Exquisite Vocals And Compelling Storytelling On New Single

Today, Tauranga-based singer and songwriter Georgia Lines releases her new single, “No One Knows.”

“No One Knows” intricately weaves together Georgia’s exquisite vocals with production that moves seamlessly between delicate, quiet moments and soaring, uplifting energy; making for a heartwarming and affirming track that leaves you wanting more.

“’No One Knows’ is a song that carries many meanings for me,” says Georgia.

“If I were to boil it down, I would say it is a song about expectations, about people pleasing and feeling tired of doing things because that’s what I feel is expected, or because that is the way it’s always been. It’s about looking and longing for the truth amongst the noise and about finding clarity in the murky waters.”

Georgia fills spaces with her soulful, dream-like vocals, and distinctive feel-good R&B-sprinkled pop and with each new release, she showcases her ever evolving craft and creative palette. “No One Knows” is no exception.